Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Mahender to get strongly clued about Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala receives a surprising good news

Nihalo creates a scene and tells the villagers that Mahender is kidnapping Bholi. She gains sympathy and tells the villagers that Mahender is eyeing them as her husband is away. Mahender tells them that Nihalo is lying. He makes an apology and leaves from there. He visits a Dargah. Sikandar and his Guru ji sing together and have a musical jam, which inspires Kulfi too. She sings along too, and shocks Sikandar and his Guru ji to the core. The song connects to Sikandar and Kulfi’s heart. Sikandar feels sorry to hurt Nimrat’s heart and do wrong with her. Sikandar stops singing and cries. Kulfi doesn’t let the continuity break and sings ahead. Guru ji blesses Kulfi for having a pure voice.

Lovely and Amyra get unhappy. Amyra controls her anger. Guru ji wishes that Kulfi’s wishes turn true. Mahender comes across Sittu Mama, and learns that he is Nimrat’s brother. He tells that Nimrat is dead and she had a daughter Kulfi. He shares his heart out assuming Mahender is some strange.

He doesn’t know that Mahender is Sikandar’s brother. He tells Mahender that he tried to take Kulfi to his father, who is a famous singer in Mumbai. Mahender realizes that he was finding Kulfi and met the right person. Sittu tells Mahender that Nimrat was Kulfi’s mum and dad. Mahender learns Kulfi is Sikandar’s daughter. Sikandar and Kulfi have an emotional connect. Thgey share their sorrows. They have their feelings for Nimrat. Sikandar also misses Nimrat. Kulfi tells him that Nimrat has become a star and is watching him. Mahender asks Sittu about Kulfi further.

He realizes Kulfi is a girl, and gets mistaken about the little boy Kulfi residing at Sikandar’s house. Sittu tells him that he wanted to tell Sikandar about Kulfi, but his courage dropped seeing Sikandar’s second wife and daughter. Mahender asks him about Kulfi’s picture. Sittu tells him that he has no picture. Mahender tells him that maybe Kulfi reached Sikandar. Sittu reveals to him that Kulfi doesn’t know about her dad. He praises Kulfi’s melodious voice, which touches the heart. Mahender gets confused knowing about Kulfi.


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