Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Lovely to plan a remarriage to sort her insecurities


Mahender returns home and meets Kulfi. She gets scared of Amyra. She rushes to him to get help. Kulfi tells him that there is a ghost in the house. He tells her that there is nothing like ghosts. Amyra and Cutie scare her. On the other hand, Lovely is trying to please Sikander. She takes an Indian avatar. She tells Sikandar that they will remarry. She does a drama and convinces him.

Sikandar and Lovely remarry. The people welcome them with dhol nagada. Sikandar isn’t happy with the marriage. His relationship is facing a rough phase. Lovely tells Sikandar that she is marrying by her will this time, as last time they had married as per a business deal. She wants to end their fights. She is insecure that Sikandar may leave her and Amyra. She traps Sikandar emotionally. She thinks they may get love in their lives again. He is worried because of his daughter. Kulfi and Mahender reach the temple. She gets close to witness the marriage of her dad. Even Sikandar’s mum reaches the temple. The wedding gets the family’s presence unintentionally, but there is a huge hit and miss. Sikandar and Lovely take the wedding rounds and make vows again. They get married by all the rituals. Sikandar gives in to Lovely’s demands. He tells her that he will always love Amyra.


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