Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mauli and Rajdeep to have a confrontation

Silsila OMG Mauli gets reminded of Rajdeep's evil

Nandini is pregnant. Rajdeep compels her for the abortion. Nandini suffers from a miscarriage. Mauli reaches there at the hospital and treats Nandini. She learns Rajdeep’s tortures and hugs Nandini. She cries for her friend. She stops Rajdeep from meeting Nandini. She asks him is he a devil to leave Nandini on the roads knowing she is pregnant. She blames him for the accident. Rajdeep asks her not to poke her nose in his personal matter, he is Nandini’s legal husband and its their matter. She asks him does he have any humanity. He tells her that he doesn’t want to hear her lecture, the pregnancy just completed two months, its not a big issue, they can plan a family anytime they want.

Mauli says I feel ashamed to call you my friend’s husband. She asks him to just get lost. She asks him not to take Mauli anywhere. He asks her who is she to stop him. She tells him that she is Nandini’s doctor. She slaps Rajdeep.

She scolds him. He asks Nandini to come with him. He gives her an ultimatum and asks Nandini to come with him, else she will sit alone all life and cry. Nandini decides to go on his threatening, but Mauli doesn’t let her go. Rajdeep forces Nandini to come. Mauli says its not safe if you go with Rajdeep. Nandini then refuses to go. Rajdeep pulls her and drags her out. Mauli tries to stop him. Rajdeep pushes Mauli and gets her injured. Kunal will learn the matter. How will he react knowing about Mauli’s injury? Keep reading.


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