Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman to take a step to protect Roshni

YHM, Ruhi thanks Roshni

Raman and Ishita carry out Roshni’s baby shower ceremony happily. Roshni shows her wonderful mehendi to Ishita. Raman taunts Ishita for her oldie avatar. He keeps hitting her, while she avoids him. Ruhi asks Ishita to apply her mehendi. She asks Raman to get snacks for Ishita. Raman and Ishita have an argument. Ruhi instigates them to have a dance together. Raman challenges Ishita and teases her calling her a coward. Ishita takes the challenge and tells him that she is a better dancer. They hit the dance floor and show some amazing dance moves to fail each other. They get busy in the dance, while the women hired by Parmeet find chances to harm Roshni. Everyone cheers for Raman and Ishita.

The women replace the sweets with the harmful sweets, which will cause Roshni to faint. Raman gives Ishita her anklet. They have a moment. Mihika hopes that Romi comes before the ceremony ends. Pihu insists and takes Mihika for the dance performance. Everyone dances and cheers up Roshni. The function goes on well. Raman and Mani understand that they have to welcome Adi’s child, and support Roshni. Romi tells Mihika that he wants the property papers, he isn’t interested in the baby shower ceremony. She requests him to attend the ceremony for some time. He refuses to her.

Mr. Bhalla decides to talk to Romi and sort the matter. The family finds the contaminated sweets. They don’t feed it to Roshni, and try to find the culprit. Raman suspects Parmeet and Simmi, and takes their class. He yells at them for switching the sweets box and harming Roshni. Parmeet and Simmi deny all the blames and make an easy escape. Raman tells Ishita that he is suspicious about Parmeet and Simmi. She tells him that Simmi can’t tolerate the family’s happiness. Raman and Ishita argue over Adi’s child. Parmeet and Simmi take their next move and lock up Roshni in the room.


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