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    Jiji Maa

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi and Parmeet realize that someone else is also trying to kill Roshni’s baby. They want to know who’s that person. The baby shower ceremony ends, and Romi doesn’t become a part of it. Ishita gets happy that Roshni is getting her deserved happiness. The hired women try to harm Roshni’s child so that they can complete the task and get their money. Ishita makes Roshni rest for some time. She asks Roshni not to take much stress. Roshni goes to washroom, while Ishita gets busy in work. Raman confronts Romi for not attending the ceremony. Romi reminds Raman that he is the peace breaker of the house. He asks Raman how can he teach him manners and values, when he has none. They get into an argument.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik and Naira recollect their past which drifted them apart. Kartik blames her for Shubham’s death. He scolds her for hurting Suwarna’s heart. She tells him that she didn’t intend to hurt Suwarna, she is not at fault in Shubham’s matter, she didn’t tell anyone as Shubham didn’t wish her to tell the truth to the family, fearing they will get away from him. She tells him that Shubham trusted her. He asks her why didn’t she trust him, why didn’t she tell the truth to him, they could have saved Shubham. He tells her that he won’t pay for her mistakes, he can’t lose any more family members because of him. She tells him that they have no trust left in their relation. Their love turns into hatred. They both express their anger and hatred for each other. They part ways on the way they last met in Udaipur. The moment still brings tears in their eyes. They miss each other in the current time. Still, they don’t break the ice to reach each other.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Angad tries to impress Pranali and tells her that he is really worried for Shil Aditya. He asks her who will be chosen as the heir of Maling. He proves that he is selfless and just has sympathy with her and Maling Rajya. She tells him that she will support him. She thanks him for understanding her dad and not blaming him. She tells him that Pratap maybe elected as the next heir. He doesn’t think Pratap deserves the throne. He tells her that Maling throne can’t go in any wrong hands. He shows that he isn’t interested in Maling throne, as he is already the king of Mahapuram. She tells him that there is no one suitable. He asks her to look around and find the person suitable to take Shil Aditya’s place.

    Jiji Maa:

    Uttara shoots Falguni, but the latter gets struck by a lightning, which makes her fall unconscious. Suyash rushes Falguni to the ICU. He faces a tough time when he fears to lose Falguni after losing Gayatri. Vidhaan tells Suyash that Falguni will get fine. Doctor tells them about the lightning power striking Falguni, which can be really dangerous for her. Uttara gets angry that Falguni got saved again. She sheds face tears and sympathizes with Suyash. They all wait for Falguni to gain consciousness. Suyash tells Uttara about Gayatri’s death and shares his sorrow. He asks about Jayant. She tells him that Jayant will soon be coming. She meets Falguni and tries to kill her again.


    Chandra and his friends make a plan to rob the national bank. Chandra explains the plan to Sukhdev. He tells them that they have to give a solid answer to Britishers. He doesn’t want any Britisher to gain courage again. He tells them that the bank will not give them a loan for the freedom fight, its better to loot the bank as they used to do the action better. He tells them that they will spread the pamphlets to clear the name of HSRA. He asks the team members not to worry about the police. Bhagat tries to convince Jatin for teaching him. Jatin doesn’t look easy to befriend. Bhagat doesn’t lose. He is sure to win Jatin’s heart. The police guards at the bank.

    Chandra reaches the bank with his team mate. He sees the police and gets ready for the action. He fools the cops with ease. His new disguise doesn’t get caught. Chandra meets the manager and acts like some rich man. He asks the manager to help them by giving the funds, if he wants his life to be spared. Manager agrees to give them the cash. Tikaram doubts that something is wrong. He goes inside the manager’s room to watch out. Chandra keeps Tikaram as hostage and reveals that he is ChandraShekhar Azad. He asks Tikaram not to inform the Britishers and do the duty of being an Indian. Chandra tells Tikaram that he will shoot him if he reacts. The cops get alert finding Tikaram in the trap. John reaches close and gets to see Azad in front of his eyes. He doesn’t care for civilian’s lives. He shoots Azad. He doesn’t want Azad to get free at any cost. Chandra manages to escape from the bank.

    Krishna Chali London:

    Radhe wants to earn the money so that he can buy a gift from Krishna. He tells Saajan that he is risking his life to get money, if anything happens to him, he can inform Krishna about his true love. Radhe does a risky task and gets electrocuted. He falls unconscious. Saajan gets a huge shock on seeing his bad state. He asks Radhe to wake up. He learns the matter from the people. Saajan takes him. Radhe’s mum gets too angry on Krishna and throws her stuff in the water tank to ashame her. He also dumps her souvenirs, which hurts Krishna’s heart. She maintains her silence and watches all her family memories sinking in the water.

    Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
    Sikandar trains playing piano to Amyra. Kulfi silently watches them and gets happy. Sikandar sees her and asks her to join them. Kulfi recalls how Sikandar has once scolded her when she entered the music room. He asks her to forget the past things and come in to enjoy the music. Kulfi feels happy when she gets a chance to lay her hands on the piano and feel the musical keys. She watches Amyra play the piano. She then plays the right notes on the piano and impresses Sikandar by her skills. He gets sure that she is a bundle of talent. He praises Kulfi which irks Amyra a lot. Amyra leaves from there. Lovely tells Sikandar that he should focus on their daughter. She fears that he will know about his daughter and stops him from using his phone. He waits for Mohendar’s call. Amyra gets angry and scares Kulfi by acting as ghost. Even Cutie plays the same trick and scares Kulfi to the core. Mohendar comes home and meets Kulfi, finding her terrified of ghosts.


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