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Kumkum Bhagya: Kiara calls Abhi and tells him that her mum wants to meet him. Abhi gets excited and tells Kiara that he will also meet her. Kiara tells him that her mum will meet him for sure as she never breaks a promise. She pacifies Abhi as she thinks he is sad. Pragya and Abhi will come face to face. Soon Kiara will meet with an accident and Abhi will take her to hospital. He gives his blood to Kiara. There he comes to know that Kiara is Pragya’s daughter. He assumes first that King is her father, but later realizes Kiara is his daughter and gets emotional. The union comes as a shocker for King who is unaware of Kiara, Pragya and Abhi’s relation.

Piyaa Albela:
Angraj and Rahul are playing the dirty game to get Naren separated from Pooja and Vyas family and made this plan. Rahul and his family are thinking Naren is wrong because of Angraj’s conspiracy and have stooped low to separate Naren and Pooja. Pooja develops a hatred for Naren for his act and breaks her relationship with him. She doesn’t know that Naren is a puppet to Supriya, whose control is in Angraj’s hands. Angraj plans big against Naren and Pooja with Rahul’s help. He wants to get Naren jailed so that he can get Pooja.

Siddhi Vinayak:

Siddhi proves that she is not Riddhi Sinha, but Siddhi Joshi. She fails to get help from Pratima and Manjiri. She doesn’t know Manjiri’s true evil face and counts on her. Nevertheless, she attempts to remind Vin his childhood moments with his best pal Siddhi. Vin dismisses all her statements, knowing her bond with Siddhi’s family. He tells her that its easy to guess everything as she has been meeting Siddhi’s parents since few months. He doesn’t believe that she is Siddhi. Pratima also cheats Siddhi and fails her in Vin’s eyes. Pratima gets helpless since she is blackmailed. She apologizes to Siddhi and tells her that she can’t help her this time. She asks Siddhi to have a life with Shivam.

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha:

Everyone learns about Vishesh’s real identity. They deeply regret to behave badly with him and misunderstand his true intentions. Vishesh forgives everyone as his motive to get the bride for Jaggi succeeded. He forms a cordial relation with everyone in Kanchan’s family. He expresses his feelings to Kanchan. He expects her to get over her past shadows of fear and discomfort. He wants her to share the bad incidents with him so that her heart can get light. He tells Kanchan that he just wants to make her burden free, so that she can smile freely with all her heart. Vishesh tells Kanchan that he likes her lie, that she is his fiancee and would wish to turn her lie into a beautiful truth. He proposes her for marriage after expressing his liking for her.

Kundali Bhagya:
Prithvi and Sherlyn meet in the room. Karan says we will open the slam book after the party. He keeps it safe. Sherlyn says nobody will doubt on us as you know how to come out of the trap. Prithvi says my IQ level is bigger than them. Sherlyn says they don’t know about our love or aim. Preeta thinks why did he decide to marry me. Sherlyn feels like fainting and tells Prithvi. He asks do you want me to take you to hospital. Sherlyn doubts on his intentions and asks if he loves Preeta now. Prithvi says I have to act to be good with Preeta. Sherlyn scolds him. Chachi checks Sherlyn and tells that she is pregnant. Kareena, Rakhi, and others get shocked. Karan tells Preeta and Shrishti about Sherlyn’s pregnancy. They aim to find out Prithvi’s motive.

Meera changes her avatar and takes disguise of an elderly woman Saddi Kaur. She is an uninvited guest. She turns into a sharp, quick and smart girl. She manages all the work when she joins Vivaan as his secretary. She is trying to expose Roma. She falls in an odd situation with Vivaan. He gets impressed by her work. Vivaan doesn’t know she is Meera, but feels something for her. Vivaan calls Meera, while she is in front of him. She hides her truth by falling over Vivaan. She brings the passport in Vivaan’s sight. He shows Pammi’s passport to Roma. Roma denies to know anything about it. She does a drama and fools him. Meera’s plan doesn’t get succeeded. She has same feelings for Vivaan. She doubts that Roma is hiding something. Roma pays her money for her work.


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