Kundali Bhagya: Sherlyn’s pregnancy to bring high-end drama


Karan, Preeta, and Shrishti manage to fool Sherlyn’s mom and leave from there. Shrishti is happy to get the proofs. Preeta worries for her family reaction and calls herself unlucky. Karan gets upset and tells that you are not an ordinary girl, but an extraordinary girl and will make the family lucky and gives them happiness wherever you go. He praises her and says you are special. He teases her and says you will have Swayamvar, and the guys will look at you with hope asking you to select them. Preeta smiles. He tells that he has no interest in marriage else he would have married Preeta and ended Prithvi’s chapter. Preeta says I will not marry you, it is my wish. He says he would have kidnapped her to stop her marriage if he hadn’t found the proofs against Prithvi.

Kareena asks Rishabh and Sherlyn to dance, but as he excuses himself as he gets the call. Chachi asks Prithvi to dance with Sherlyn. Prithvi and Sherlyn dance with each other. Chachi gets doubtful on them and asks Beeji. Beeji ignores her doubt and says today’s generation acts good and gets in mood hearing music. Karan, Preeta and Shrishti come home and see them dancing. Chachi tells that Preeta is suitable to marry Rishabh.

Beeji says Preeta is marrying Prithvi. Prithvi and Sherlyn meet in the room. Karan says we will open the slam book after the party. He keeps it safe. Sherlyn says nobody will doubt on us as you know how to come out of the trap. Prithvi says my IQ level is bigger than them. Sherlyn says they don’t know about our love or aim. Preeta thinks why did he decide to marry me. Sherlyn feels like fainting and tells Prithvi. He asks do you want me to take you to hospital. Sherlyn doubts on his intentions and asks if he loves Preeta now. Prithvi says I have to act to be good with Preeta. Sherlyn scolds him. Chachi checks Sherlyn and tells that she is pregnant. Kareena, Rakhi, and others get shocked. Karan tells Preeta and Shrishti about Sherlyn’s pregnancy. They aim to find out Prithvi’s motive.


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