Piyaa Albela: Angraj mocks death to plot Naren and Pooja’s separation

Pooja tries to find Naren

Neelima and Surbhi forge Naren’s signatures and file Police complaint against Gupta family. Pooja gets angry on Naren for filing complaint without talking to her. Naren tells Shivani that he had spoken to her to stop Anuj’s last rites, but never intended to file Police complaint. Inspector Shivani shows the papers with his signatures. He doesn’t understand that he is getting trapped in a deep conspiracy of Angraj, Rahul, Neelima, and Surbhi. He maintains that Anuj’s last rites can’t be done until they get Angraj’s dead body from their house. Shivani gets Angraj’s chain and suspects Pooja and her family. Naren checks the house.

Pooja tells him if he checks her brother’s cupboard then their relationship will break. Naren asks her to give Angraj’s body if she doesn’t want him to check his cupboard. He pushes Pooja when she tells that they have not hidden his body and doesn’t know anything. Naren breaks his cupboard and gets Angraj’s ID card. Shivani also gets his shoes. Supriya sees Angraj coming to her and asking her to get his last rites done until then don’t let Naren let Pooja do Anuj’s last rites. He provokes her against Naren and Pooja and tells her that he is feeling pain and needs soul freedom from the world. Supriya doesn’t understand Angraj is alive and is playing with every one of them. Angraj asks her to go personally to Gupta house and stop the funeral.

Supriya goes there and argues with Gupta family to stop Anuj’s last rites. Pooja tries to make her understand that they haven’t hidden Anuj’s dead body, but Supriya acts crazy and threatens to commit suicide. She sprinkles kerosene oil on herself to self herself ablaze. Naren promises to stop Anuj’s last rites and asks Danish to take Anuj’s body to the morgue. Satish and Kusum ask them not to do such injustice with them and let them do their son last rites, but Naren also gets mad in his mother’s love and couldn’t figure out the difference between right and wrong. He takes Anuj’s body forcibly. Pooja runs after the car and falls down.

Naren stops the car but refuses to give her Anuj’s body. Angraj and Rahul are playing the dirty game to get Naren separated from Pooja and Vyas family and made this plan. Rahul and his family are thinking Naren is wrong because of Angraj’s conspiracy and have stooped low to separate Naren and Pooja. Pooja develops a hatred for Naren for his act and breaks her relationship with him. She doesn’t know that Naren is a puppet to Supriya, whose control is in Angraj’s hands. Angraj plans big against Naren and Pooja with Rahul’s help. He wants to get Naren jailed so that he can get Pooja.


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