Mayavi Maling: Antara helps Eshwarya crack the mystery


Angad tries to impress Pranali and tells her that he is really worried for Shil Aditya. He asks her who will be chosen as the heir of Maling. He proves that he is selfless and just has sympathy with her and Maling Rajya. She tells him that she will support him. She thanks him for understanding her dad and not blaming him. She tells him that Pratap maybe elected as the next heir. He doesn’t think Pratap deserves the throne. He tells her that Maling throne can’t go in any wrong hands. He shows that he isn’t interested in Maling throne, as he is already the king of Mahapuram. She tells him that there is no one suitable. He asks her to look around and find the person suitable to take Shil Aditya’s place.

She wonders she is the one who can sit on the throne. She tells him that she is a daughter and can’t take over the King’s place. He acts sweet and asks her to think well. Shil Aditya feels guilty that he has given the poisoned water to his best friend. He feels sorry to lose Trishanku by his mistake.

Eshwarya and Chegu try to reach Kalkivan and know the true cause of Trishanku’s death. Garima asks Shil Aditya not to blame himself. She doesn’t want any wrong person to manage the throne. She asks him not to select Pratap. Shil Aditya asks Garima not to tell him what to do. All the queens worry that Shil Aditya’s wrong decision can bring bad time for them. On the other hand, Mandhari gets happy that her son will become the King.

Eshwarya and Chegu meet Antara and hand over the poisoned bottle to her. Antara learns the matter and uses Agnishakti to know the secret of Trishanku’s mysterious death. They get to see a moment where Madhumali has swapped the liquid. Eshwarya wonders how is this possible that Madhumali is alive, since she was punished to death in front of everyone.

Shil Aditya tells the family that he will surely take the right decision, which will be beneficial for the Rajya. He goes on to declare his heir. He announces Angad’s name, which shocks everyone. Shil Aditya feels Angad will become a great king and manage Maling well by his patience, tolerance and balance skills. He asks Angad if he accepts his proposal and the throne. Angad happily accepts the throne and tells him that he can’t question his judgment. He promises to always keep his faith. Vaidehi gets happy that Pranali’s husband is chosen as the King. Antara tells Eshwarya that Madhumali is the one who has killed Trishanku. She tells that Agnishakti always shows the bitter truth.

Eshwarya asks her how can Madhumali get saved. Antara is sure that Madhumali is alive. Eshwarya tells Chegu that they have to head back to the palace and stop Maharaj Shil Aditya. Angad gets applauded for the way he has dealt his sorrow over his dad’s death. Shil Aditya tells everyone that Angad is a great person who can’t be praised just by words. He asks Angad to take over the throne and serve the Maling Rajya. Eshwarya and Chegu fail to enter Maling. They are stopped at the shores by a sudden huge ice layer forming in front of their eyes. Eshwarya wonders who is blocking their way. Chegu tells her that they will cross the wall and reach Maling. They get trapped by Madhumali’s demonic plans. Shil Aditya announces Angad’s Rajya Abhishek.


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