Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa to deal with past glimpse and present issues


Kartik and Naira recollect their past which drifted them apart. Kartik blames her for Shubham’s death. He scolds her for hurting Suwarna’s heart. She tells him that she didn’t intend to hurt Suwarna, she is not at fault in Shubham’s matter, she didn’t tell anyone as Shubham didn’t wish her to tell the truth to the family, fearing they will get away from him. She tells him that Shubham trusted her. He asks her why didn’t she trust him, why didn’t she tell the truth to him, they could have saved Shubham. He tells her that he won’t pay for her mistakes, he can’t lose any more family members because of him. She tells him that they have no trust left in their relation. Their love turns into hatred. They both express their anger and hatred for each other. They part ways on the way they last met in Udaipur. The moment still brings tears in their eyes. They miss each other in the current time. Still, they don’t break the ice to reach each other.

Kirti hands over some work files to Bau ji so that he feels happy. Naksh stops her and asks her not to trouble Bau ji. Bau ji tells Naksh that he wants to see the files, he wants to work. Naksh makes an excuse and keeps his heart. He gets relieved that Bau ji didn’t see his files. Naira tries to distract her mind from Kartik’s taunts. She gets Tanvi’s message and goes to meet her in the urgency. Tanvi tells her that someone has made her MMS while she was changing in the green room. Naira and Kartik receive the video and get a huge shock. Naira sympathizes with Tanvi. Tanvi asks Naira to help her, as she will be punished for no reason. She doesn’t want any defamation to end her life. Naira promises to help her. She tells Tanvi that their lives are precious and she can’t think of ending life for someone’s crime. Elsewhere, Manish and Suwarna have a talk. She cares for him. He learns about Naksh’s financial problems via a friend. Kartik reaches Dadi to tell her about Tanvi’s MMS.

He tells her that the culprit shouldn’t be spared. Dadi tells him that she can’t risk the college’s pride. He tells her that he won’t tolerate any girl’s respect getting at stake. He calls the Dean and reveals the matter. Naira shares the matter with Naitik. Naitik tells Tanvi that they will support her. He asks her to inform the college authorities so that they can reach to the end of the matter. Kirti tells Naksh that they have to make sure that Bau ji stays happy. Naksh tells her that he doesn’t want to burden him with the problems. He hides about the financial crisis.

Naitik asks Naira to help Tanvi, as she can’t avoid everyone who needs her. He asks her not to accuse herself for Shubham’s death. He reminds her that she should fight with the problems for Tanvi’s sake. Naira accompanies Tanvi to the college. Tanvi gets tensed knowing the video has gone viral in the college. She then learns about the dance video. She doesn’t want the MMS to spread out. She decides to take Kartik’s help. She gets offended by Dadi and Kartik’s words. She reacts angrily and gains Naira’s support.


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