Mitegi Lakshman Rekha (PicFiction): Vishesh and Kanchan’s love story to face a conflict


Everyone learns about Vishesh’s real identity. They deeply regret to behave badly with him and misunderstand his true intentions. Vishesh forgives everyone as his motive to get the bride for Jaggi succeeded. He forms a cordial relation with everyone in Kanchan’s family. He expresses his feelings to Kanchan. He expects her to get over her past shadows of fear and discomfort. He wants her to share the bad incidents with him so that her heart can get light. He tells Kanchan that he just wants to make her burden free, so that she can smile freely with all her heart. Vishesh tells Kanchan that he likes her lie, that she is his fiancee and would wish to turn her lie into a beautiful truth. He proposes her for marriage after expressing his liking for her.

He proves that status and background doesn’t matter to him, unlike the rest of the society. Vishesh tells her that he has seen in her eyes that she also loves him. Kanchan denies her feelings. She then sees Vishesh everywhere around her and realizes her love for Vishesh.

Vishesh gives an idol to Kanchan and asks her to fill the colors in the idol if she loves him. Kanchan gives him the sign by filling colors in the idol. He then puts her in a tricky situation, which makes Kanchan run to him and speak up to confess her feelings. Kanchan and Vishesh fall in love with other each, unknown that Rajmata is close to fix his alliance with Shivangi, a member of the royal family. Vishesh would be getting a huge shock when Rajmata suggests him to marry Shivangi. Will Vishesh take a stand for his love and support Kanchan against all odds? Keep reading.



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