Siddhi Vinayak: Manjiri to deny acknowledging Siddhi-Vin’s marriage


Siddhi proves that she is not Riddhi Sinha, but Siddhi Joshi. She fails to get help from Pratima and Manjiri. She doesn’t know Manjiri’s true evil face and counts on her. Nevertheless, she attempts to remind Vin his childhood moments with his best pal Siddhi. Vin dismisses all her statements, knowing her bond with Siddhi’s family. He tells her that its easy to guess everything as she has been meeting Siddhi’s parents since few months. He doesn’t believe that she is Siddhi. Pratima also cheats Siddhi and fails her in Vin’s eyes. Pratima gets helpless since she is blackmailed. She apologizes to Siddhi and tells her that she can’t help her this time. She asks Siddhi to have a life with Shivam.

Siddhi refuses to give up so soon, as its about her life and future. She asks Manjiri to tell Vin about their marriage. Vin questions Siddhi about the mangalsutra she is wearing.

Siddhi tells Vin that she has married him to save his life from the Kundli dosh. Vin doesn’t believe her, as she has never revealed it before. Siddhi requests Manjiri to tell the truth, but Manjiri calls her a big liar. Siddhi tells Vin that Manjiri is lying, they are really married. Vin loses his cool when she calls his mother a liar. He asks Siddhi to stop cheating them further. He kicks her out of the mansion and asks Shivam to take his crazy wife along. Siddhi desperately tries to convince Vin once. She denies to leave with Shivam. Manjiri gets rid of Siddhi and gets relaxed. Vin gets worried for Riddhi, whom he had dearly loved.




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