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Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika is kidnapped post her accident. There is a one month leap. Sahil receives a big shock when police finds her and tells Sahil about her plastic surgery. The lady wants to make everyone believe that she is Vedika and her face has changed because of the accident. She hugs her family. Sahil can’t believe the change.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira have and sweet and sour moment. Kartik manages her when she stumbles. He asks her why did take a big risk, she could have got hurt, why does she prove out that she is brave. He scolds her out of concern. He tells her that she does whatever she feels right. She tells him that she has to look after Tanvi. Dadi has scolded Tanvi for the indecent doings, which hurts Tanvi’s heart. Dadi tells Tanvi that she will support Tanvi. She tells Naira and Tanvi that they will not tolerate anything wrong with any girl. Naira consoles Tanvi. She gets mistaken about Kartik and opposes him to support her friend.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Lovely and Sikandar marry in the temple once again. Kulfi’s truth will be coming out very soon, since Mohendar has got all the clues about her real identity. Lovely is insecure that Sikandar can find his real daughter and leave Amyra and her. She makes him repeat his vows. They don’t know that Kulfi is his daughter. There will be a big twist. The truth that Kulfi is actually a girl will be coming out. It gets revealed that Mohendar was finding the truth about Kulfi’s identity and got her to the temple. Sikandar prays that he finds his daughter. Mohendar hears Kulfi talking to the Lord. Her innocent talks melt his heart. He understands that she is Sikandar’s daughter. Mohendar hugs Kulfi and gets emotional. He tells her that everything will get fine, and promises that he will unite her with her dad.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer and Zara love each other a lot. They have a moment. Zara is testing his love. She has filed the case against Kabeer, while fighting for the women rights. Their ideologies don’t match. They have a sweet talk before the meeting. They get against when the Shariah board meeting goes on. Zara tells them that women can also worship in the Mosque. She expects Kabeer to support her and understand her one day. The decision gets in Zara’s favor when she justifies her request. Kabeer gets displeased with the decision. He strongly opposes Zara’s mindset. Zara doesn’t want their clashes to affect their personal life.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni is suffering from a memory loss. She befriends everyone in the house. She sits sad and complains that she has no friend with her to play. Vidhaan cheers her up. She says you are good, everyone just scolds me here. He tells her that he is her friend. They shake hands and have a thumb fight. Vidhaan gifts her a chocolate when he loses the game. He lets her win so that she gets excited. She says its fine if you lost, you will win when you learn the game. Niyati smiles seeing Falguni happy. Falguni doesn’t like her. She calls Niyati bad and runs away from her. Niyati gets upset by her behavior.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Romi’s birthday brings some fun moments in the family. Raman gets a cake for his brother. He tries to sort out the issues so that Romi doesn’t leave the house. The Bhallas celebrate Romi’s birthday. They all wish Romi and surprise him like the one big happy family. Romi gets happy with the unexpected surprise. He cuts the cake and feeds his family. Mihika wishes that the family stays united and Romi changes his decision to move out. Romi likes the gift. After the flashback scene, Ishita gets misconception about Romi. Ishita feels Romi has kidnapped Roshni.


Chakor and Suraj have an argument about Imli. He is upset that Chakor always acts great and invites troubles. He leaves from the haveli. Chakor worries when he gets later. Chakor looks for Suraj, while he is busy in spying. Chakor and Chagan reach some unknown place and shout to Suraj to find him. Suraj is caught up in a big mess at a warehouse, because of his unnecessary spying. Suraj asks the men not to shoot, he can explain why did he come. The man asks Suraj to give him right answers to spare his life. Suraj tries to guess things and tells them that Imli has sent him. He gets saved. The man tells him that he should have said this to them before. The goons leave him. Suraj wants to know their connection with Imli.


Ranvir spoils Roop’s birthday. He dresses like a policeman and tries to impress Shamsher. He tells Shamsher and everyone about Roop’s female friends. He gets insulting Roop. The women also taunt Roop. Shamsher gets angry and leaves from the party. Kinjal scolds Ranvir for insulting Roop. She hurts Ranvir. Roop doesn’t cut the birthday cake when Shamsher leaves. Roop gets upset. Roop thinks to act like Shamsher and convince him.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:

Nandini is worried by her pregnancy news. Mauli learns the news and congratulates Nandini. She hugs Nandini and makes plans of welcoming the baby. Mauli asks Nandini to live the moments, as such first-time moments won’t come again. Nandini hides her problems from Mauli and expresses a fake smile.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Bulbul has returned home after saving Aaliya’s life. Everyone is praising Bulbul on the news channels. She has gone to a new extent to save Aaliya’s life. Her good deed gets noticed by everyone. Agastya tells everyone that Bulbul has become a superhero, she is praised by one and all for saving a little girl’s life, everyone is calling her a superwoman. Gayatri gets upset and tells them that such superwomen are wrong, they risk the family for social work, Bulbul should leave the house and not live with us now. She insults Bulbul.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Sameer makes a plan to meet Naina. He knows Naina’s family isn’t at home. He takes his friends along and visits Naina. He is afraid that they can get caught. Sameer and his friends try to make an impression on their girlfriends. The chair breaks when one of his friend makes a love confession to his lover. Naina tells them that she will be answerable to elders. She is scared that her lie can be caught. Sameer tells them that someone is on the terrace. They don’t find any way to leave out. Naina asks him not to hide inside the house.


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