Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika’s struggling lives stay apart

Ishqbaaz Shivay lines up surprises for Anika

Anika struggles at the food stall to serve the customers single- handedly. She gets herself hurt. She serves the Dosa to the customers. Shivay meets the reporter and threatens him again. Sunil tells Shivay that he will make him pay for this. He says you and your entire family will be defamed. Shivay tells him to think for his own family, who can die in an accident. He asks Sunil to tell him what did his family do that he got revengeful. Anika gets late in preparing the dosas at the stall when it starts raining heavily. She loses the customers. She cries when she fails to get money. Shivay tells Sunil that he can plot his family’s accident the moment Sunil goes against. He turns devilish and tells Sunil that he can cross all limits for the sake of his family.

Sunil gets scared and promises not to defame the Oberois. Shivay asks him to remember the deal between them and spares his family. Anika gains courage to rebuilt the stall roof and start fresh. Anika tells her aunt that she can do anything for her family. She maintains her word. Obros have a moment in the kitchen and tease themselves like before. Shivay gets busy in the cooking, while Omkara manages to take the fun higher. Shivay asks his brothers not to act like him. They ask him to get a child soon after the marriage. They get excited for Shivay’s marriage. Shivay and Anika expect special guests and make special dishes at their respective homes.

Anika prepares the snacks for her lovely sister Gauri, while Tia ends Shivay’s long wait. Shivay welcomes Tia and surprises her. Omkara and Rudra greet her with much affection. Anika gets emotional on seeing Gauri. Tia appears selfless and positive. Anika serves the snacks to Gauri. Gauri gets her bold avatar in the beginning itself. She tells Anika that she is proud to be bold and daring. Rudra tells Tia about his surprise for her. Obros dance with Tia and prepare for the Roka. Gauri tells Anika that she loves the snacks made for her. Their aunt gets against them. Anika faces the humiliation, while Gauri doesn’t care. Gauri teaches a lesson to her aunt. She scares her and defends Anika. Shivay and Anika’s impossible love story proceeds on the slow pace.


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