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    Jiji Maa

    Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala: Mohendar asks Kulfi to meet the Lord and confess the truth so that Lord remembers everything and fulfills her prayers. He tricks her to know the truth about her mother. He tells Kulfi that the temple is very famous and people’s prayers get fulfilled there. Kulfi agrees to him, so that her prayer of finding her dad gets answered. Beeji sees them leaving and follows them to know the matter. Cutie wants to know where did Mohendar take Kulfi. Lovely takes Sikandar to the temple and shocks him by revealing her motives. She tells him that she wants to marry him, so that he can remember his vows again. He asks the reason for her sudden step.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik meets the college authorities and tells them that they have to take strict action against the culprit. Dadi and Dean worry for the family and college reputation, and ask Kartik to think well. Kartik tells them that the girl’s respect comes first, and its agenda is to just get justice for Tanvi. Manish’s friend informs him that Naksh has pulled off the project because of financial problems. Suwarna calls Dadi and hears Kartik’s voice. She wonders if Dadi is in Mumbai with Kartik. Manish doesn’t let her know anything about Dadi. Tanvi begs Naira to help her and save her from defamation. Kirti tells Manish that she wants to gift something to kids. Manish asks her not to take stress. He informs her that Dadi has gone to Mumbai, she may bring Kartik and Naira together. Devyaani gets upset on knowing this. She feels they will trouble Naira once again. She wonders why are Goenkas not leaving Naira. Kirti doesn’t want to lose hope.

    Krishna Chali London:

    Krishna gets upset after facing big humiliation from Radhe’s mum. Radhe buys the locket for Krishna. He tells Saajan that he is heading for home. Saajan asks Radhe to come along, since he has to give him some tips for post marriage rituals. He asks Radhe to be a man and make an initiative in romancing Krishna. Krishna sees the arrangements getting done for the wedding night. Bela frames Radhe by placing cheap novels under the mattress. Bela tells them that Radhe is a casanova, he isn’t so innocent. She spoils Krishna’s mind about Radhe, so that she stays unhappy. Radhe’s mum feel embarrassed. Saajan asks Radhe to take the special betels for himself and Krishna.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Doctor checks Roshni. She tells Ishita that Roshni is fine, but she shouldn’t take stress again. The family gets relieved knowing Roshni and her baby aren’t harmed. Ishita thanks the doctor for coming on time and curing Roshni. Raman gets angry while recollecting Shagun’s words. He decides to find out the culprit. He bashes up Simmi and Parmeet. He tells them that he knows they have harmed Roshni’s child. He doesn’t believe them, when they defend themselves. Raman tells them that he has seen Parmeet with the hired women and knows he is behind this. Parmeet clarifies that he didn’t plot anything to harm Roshni. Simmi asks Raman not to accuse them falsely and instead find out who did this. Ruhi tells Aaliya that Roshni and her child are at stake, if she doesn’t like Roshni, she should stay away.

    Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

    Madiha gets Mariam with her and goes to meet Rifat. She gets insulted by Rifat again. Mariam gets to see her mum’s insult. She gets upset. Rifat asks Madiha never to come home. Madiha asks her why did she give false hopes to Mariam by sending gifts. Rifat asks Madiha how can she expect so, she didn’t send any gift. Madiha gets her answers and makes a leave. Mariam finds her crying and wonders why Rifat has hurt Madiha. Rifat learns that Mariam is Madiha’s daughter. She takes a step to defame Majaaz. She calls the reporter and asks him to tarnish Majaaz’s image. Mariam wants to tackle Rifat. She gets day dreaming. Aijaz meets Mariam and asks her for his pictures. She tells him that she is much angry on someone. He gives her tips to tackle the enemies. He tells her that he has helped her and he should also help her. Mariam thinks to get back at Rifat for insulting Madiha and hurting her sentiments.

    Jiji Maa:

    Uttara pretends to be sorrowful in front of Gayatri in her funeral meet. Suyash sheds tears and misses Gayatri. He recalls their moments and tells Gayatri that he wanted to surprise her, he had many dreams to share and live with his mother. He hugs for Gayatri’s loss. Falguni removes the garlands from Gayatri’s mum. She makes Uttara wear the garlands. She creates a scene, which infuriates Suyash. Niyati asks Falguni to come with her. Uttara controls Falguni with fake love and takes her away with her.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Shil Aditya asks his ministers if they agree with his decision to elect Angad as the next King of Maling. The ministers lend their support as they worship Shil Aditya as their Lord. They accept Shil Aditya’s decision blindly. They give their approval for Angad’s Rajya Abhishek. Shil Aditya tells Angad that they all will just wish him to always fulfill the king’s duties with utmost sincerity. Chegu and Eshwarya try hard to get over the ice wall formed by Madhumali’s magic. Chegu flies off with Eshwarya, while the ice wall gets covering their route. They get trapped by the walls. Chegu tries to find a solution. Eshwarya tells him that they can’t reach Maling on time, but they need to stop Shil Aditya from electing Angad. She doesn’t want Angad to take over the throne. Madhumali gets glad seeing Angad’s Rajya Abhishek rituals beginning.


    Anika struggles at the food stall to serve the customers single- handedly. She gets herself hurt. She serves the Dosa to the customers. Shivay meets the reporter and threatens him again. Sunil tells Shivay that he will make him pay for this. He says you and your entire family will be defamed. Shivay tells him to think for his own family, who can die in an accident. He asks Sunil to tell him what did his family do that he got revengeful. Anika gets late in preparing the dosas at the stall when it starts raining heavily. She loses the customers. She cries when she fails to get money. Shivay tells Sunil that he can plot his family’s accident the moment Sunil goes against. He turns devilish and tells Sunil that he can cross all limits for the sake of his family.


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