Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Majaaz to conceal Mariam’s big secret


Madiha gets Mariam with her and goes to meet Rifat. She gets insulted by Rifat again. Mariam gets to see her mum’s insult. She gets upset. Rifat asks Madiha never to come home. Madiha asks her why did she give false hopes to Mariam by sending gifts. Rifat asks Madiha how can she expect so, she didn’t send any gift. Madiha gets her answers and makes a leave. Mariam finds her crying and wonders why Rifat has hurt Madiha. Rifat learns that Mariam is Madiha’s daughter. She takes a step to defame Majaaz. She calls the reporter and asks him to tarnish Majaaz’s image. Mariam wants to tackle Rifat. She gets day dreaming. Aijaz meets Mariam and asks her for his pictures. She tells him that she is much angry on someone. He gives her tips to tackle the enemies. He tells her that he has helped her and he should also help her. Mariam thinks to get back at Rifat for insulting Madiha and hurting her sentiments.

Majaaz and Omkar have a fun time in office. They receive a shock when the reporter defames them by using Madiha’s past. Wasim learns Rifat’s move and gets affected. Majaaz gets defamed. Madiha too gets disturbed when her family targets her husband’s reputation. Aijaz tells Mariam that she should ask the family for a Dadi, so that they can agree for his marriage. Mariam tells the elders that she wants a grandma. She doesn’t see the situation and gets scared when Madiha scolds her. Rifat frames Majaaz and tricks Wasim in her words. Mariam turns sad. Her sisters cheer her up and tell her that Madiha is upset. Mariam tells them that she will meet her friends to find a solution.

Zain calls Rifat wrong after watching the news. He opposes her and shows courage. She asks him about sending gifts to Mariam without informing her. She yells at him for crossing the limits and meeting Madiha’s family. She clears out that he shouldn’t make any relations with them. Mariam and her friends go to trouble Rifat. Zain learns their planning and stops them. Majaaz worries that Wasim and Rifat are digging out his past. He turns upset. He fears that they would know Mariam’s big secret. What secret is Majaaz hiding? Keep reading.


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