Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: IshRa to unmask Roshni’s hidden enemy

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Doctor checks Roshni. She tells Ishita that Roshni is fine, but she shouldn’t take stress again. The family gets relieved knowing Roshni and her baby aren’t harmed. Ishita thanks the doctor for coming on time and curing Roshni. Raman gets angry while recollecting Shagun’s words. He decides to find out the culprit. He bashes up Simmi and Parmeet. He tells them that he knows they have harmed Roshni’s child. He doesn’t believe them, when they defend themselves. Raman tells them that he has seen Parmeet with the hired women and knows he is behind this. Parmeet clarifies that he didn’t plot anything to harm Roshni. Simmi asks Raman not to accuse them falsely and instead find out who did this. Ruhi tells Aaliya that Roshni and her child are at stake, if she doesn’t like Roshni, she should stay away.

Aaliya scolds Ruhi for accusing her. She clears out that she can never harm Adi’s child. Ruhi makes an apology. Raman and Ishita try to nab the hired women so that they can know the culprit behind the attacks. They rush to meet the women. Ishita informs Ruhi about their plan and asks her to be with Roshni all the time. She asks Ruhi not to tell anyone about them. They get hold of the women and demand to know who has hired them for committing the crime. The women tell them that they didn’t see the person till now. Ishita scolds them for not caring for a baby in womb. She makes them feel ashamed that they didn’t realize their crime. Ishita and Raman get the women home so that they can know the person with evil intentions. Simmi and Parmeet don’t want to stay in Bhalla house further.

Simmi gets irritated by the drama. Parmeet asks her to enjoy the chilling drama, they should also know the culprit. Raman suspects them the most and asks them to come out so that their crime can be caught. Ishita calls on the person’s number. She gets the phone with Shagun. She gets a big shock knowing Shagun is the culprit. The family learns Shagun’s evil intentions of killing Adi and Roshni’s child. Aaliya stays with Roshni to look after her. Pihu keeps them engaged, while the family drama goes on in the living room. Roshni gets delighted with Pihu’s thoughtful gifts.

Raman asks Shagun how could she commit such a crime. Mani asks Raman and Ishita not to blame Shagun by believing any random person. Ishita stops Mani and tells him that Shagun’s crime is proved. She scolds Shagun for plotting such a thing to kill the baby. Shagun accepts her crime and tells them that she just asked the women to scare Roshni, so that she doesn’t live with Bhallas. Ishita asks Shagun how could she hurt Roshni. Shagun tells them that she has saved Roshni’s life when she saw her falling down, she just wanted Roshni out since she hates Roshni, she doesn’t want Roshni to take Aaliya’s place in the family. She justifies her move, which shocks Aaliya and Mani. They feel Shagun has done a disgusting thing. Aaliya gets hurt knowing Shagun’s planning. Roshni learns the matter and decides to leave from the Bhalla house.


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