Krishna Chali London: Radhe makes a shocking move to prove his innocence

Krishna Chali London Shocking Radhe to die in an accident

Radhe panics when Krishna tells him about the snake. He shouts to his family for help. The entire family comes to their room to find the sake. Krishna succeeds in spoiling the wedding night and ruining Radhe’s dreams of romance. She gets happy when Radhe leaves the room. Radhe gets concerned for her. He feels that Krishna is upset as their wedding night got spoiled. He apologizes to her and tries to cheer her up. He tells her that he was trying to make it a memorable time for her. She gets scolding him. She comments him on his bad character. He denies to know anything. She tells him that she has known his affair as well. She scolds him for having nasty thoughts.

He tells her that Saajan has taken him to the bad place, but he didn’t do anything wrong. She tells him that he doesn’t know love. She vents out anger on him. She calls him selfish. He tells her that he really worries for her. She accuses him for breaking all her dreams. She tells him how his dad and mum insulted her. She curses Radhe and tells him that she will never let his dreams get fulfilled, since he has broken her trust. Radhe takes his sorrowful story to Saajan. Saajan gets frustrated when Radhe ruins his romance. Radhe beats up Saajan and blames him for ruining his married life. He holds Saajan responsible. He tells Saajan and his wife that Krishna called him characterless.

He shares the problem. Saajan consoles Radhe. Saajan’s wife also learns about them visiting the bad place. She threatens to commit suicide. Saajan finds hard to explain her that he didn’t do anything wrong. Radhe and Saajan have to explain their wives that their intentions and doings aren’t wrong. Saajan’s wife tells Radhe that no wife can tolerate a husband’s deceive. Krishna wonders where did Radhe go. Radhe returns home. He apologizes to Krishna. Krishna doesn’t forgive him. He tells her that he is innocent and got the proof as well. He gets Shabnam home to make her admit his innocence. The family learns Radhe’s mistake and gets upset with him.


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