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Piyaa Albela: Pooja files the case against Naren. She doesn’t get justice in the court. Naren gets saved from the accusations. She joins the politics to settle scores with Naren. She turns into an opposition contestant. She joins the opposition party. Shailaja gets Pooja on her side. Naren learns that someone has joined the opposition and didn’t withdraw the name. Naren gets a huge shock on seeing Pooja. Shailaja tells Pooja that she can fight with Naren if she joins her. Pooja meets the media and gets a welcome. Pooja then unveils her giant poster. Naren can’t believe that Pooja is standing against him. He gets depressed that life has parted them away in such a way that there are no hopes for their union.


Anika faces taunts by her aunt. She loses her cool and throws the hot oil to scare her aunt. Aunt tells her that she will tell everyone that Anika’s mum is someone’s mistress. Anika doesn’t want to tolerate anything further. At Oberoi mansion, Dadi emotionally blackmails Shivay for marrying Tia. Tia tells Shivay that its time they should turn their friendship into love. She tells him that she wants to become his support and a good life partner. She says I know I m just a friend for you, but you are more than a friend for me, I m sure you will love me after our marriage. She takes Dadi’s help to convince Shivay.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Ruksar returns in the family during Eid celebrations. Ruksar tries to get between Zara and Kabeer again. Zara doesn’t want Rulsar to interfere in their lives. The family celebrates Ramadan Eid. They are too happy with Ruksar and Hamdan. Zara gifts them. Ruksar doesn’t leave a chance to spoil Zara’s happiness.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:

Anushka overhears Sudhanshu telling Siddhant that if he becomes the face of the pharmaceutical deal then he will be arrested if something goes wrong. Anushka hears him and thinks she has to protect Siddhant, although he has done wrong with her, but she can’t let anything wrong happen with him. She asks KK to give her a gift just as he gifted something to Srikant and Karthik. KK asks what do you need? Anushka asks what is more important to you right now? He says Pharmaceutical deal. She asks him to give that deal to her. She tells that she wants to handle the pharmaceutical deal. KK says Siddhant is handling it, but he will make him understand. He gives the deal to Anushka. Anushka thinks of Prabhakar and thinks Siddhant will be angry at her now, but she can’t risk his life. She risks her own life for him.


Rajvir creates troubles for Aditya and Zoya. He kidnaps Zoya during the Eid celebrations. He learns that Zoya is scared of water. He shuts Zoya in the water tank. He informs Aditya that he has locked up Zoya in the water tank and her breath is falling flat with time. He tells Aditya that he has fixed a bomb at his house. He asks Aditya to either save Zoya or his family. Aditya has to rush and save Zoya and family. He finds it hard to decide. Aditya and Zoya fall in big trouble. Rajvir says till your family dances, their will be able to live, once they stop, they will be dying. He puts Aditya into this tricky situation. Rajbir says its a game of few minutes and very soon you will receive a big shock. Aditya runs to save Zoya. Aditya sacrifices his family for the sake of his love.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni dances when the family prays for Gayatri’s soul peace. Uttara has made Falguni dance so that Suyash gets angry and scolds Falguni. Suyash doesn’t scold Falguni. He explains Falguni with love and takes her away. Falguni and Vidhaan turn friends. She tells him that she wants to play some game. He suggests that they should play Ludo. She tells him that she wants to play hide and seek, Ludo is boring. Vidhaan agrees. Falguni asks Uttara where should she hide. Uttara doesn’t spare Falguni. She gets on troubling Falguni by pretending love. She tells Falguni that she loves her a lot and this is her care that she keeps her away from everyone.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Majaaz gets in trouble because of Rifat again. Even Aijaz’s arch rival Sarfaraz joins the battle against Majaaz. Wasim and Majaaz have a clash for the school land. Sarfaraz takes Wasim’s side to defame the Nawabi family. Rifat gets happy seeing her husband’s win. She congratulates him. Wasim gets the land legally. He starts the construction on the land. Majaaz follows the law. He doesn’t want Wasim to do wrong. Rifat is the one who created misunderstandings between Majaaz and Wasim.


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