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Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Mohendar learns Kulfi’s truth when she tells everything in the temple. He gets to know that she is Nimrat and Sikandar’s daughter. Mohendar assures Kulfi that everything will get fine, he will unite her with her dad. Kulfi talks to Nimrat while seeing the stars. Kulfi misses Nimrat and cries. She sits alone in the garden area. She prays that she meets her dad. She sings an emotional song, which gets heard by Sikandar. He gets emotional when the song touches his heart. He sheds tears seeing her. Mohendar witnesses the father-daughter duo, who are close but yet unaware of their blood ties. Mohendar shares Kulfi’s truth with Beeji. They both cry seeing Kulfi’s sorrow.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Nidhi gets food for the woman who is pretending to be Vedika. Fake Vedika comes to her real avatar and throws away her saree. She gulps some wine and relaxes in the room. She aims to make family believe that she is Vedika. She doesn’t leave her real nature. She seems pretentious and mean. She acts decent in front of everyone. Sahil doesn’t get convinced by her drama, since he loves Vedika a lot. He doubts on her. She finds hard to fool Arya and Vedika’s mum also.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita worries for Roshni. She asks Bhallas why would anyone take Roshni and where. She tells Raman that they should give the kerchief for tests in the laboratory, they have to find the culprit’s intentions. She says once we know the chemical used, we can track the culprit by visiting the chemist which sold the chemical. Ishita gets relieved when Roshni gets rescued. She gets a peaceful sleep knowing Roshni is back in the family. Their tensions get away. Raman cares for Ishita on seeing her sleeping. He expresses his love to Ishita. Ishita shows her trust in Raman and Bhallas’ elders. Ishita and Raman try to talk out and sort their differences. Raman feels Ishita’s absence has broken the family. He wishes Ishita returns home and unites the family again.

Meera and Vivaan romance in office. She has feelings for him, but Vivaan doesn’t know what’s happening, as he doesn’t have any attachment with Sadi Kaur. He wonders why Sadi Kaur is looking known to him. Meera and Roma have an argument in Soni Kudi Academy. Vivaan happens to reach there. Meera acts as blind in her Sadi Kaur’s disguise. She tells Roma that she can’t see anything without spectacles. She wants to fool everyone. She irritates Roma and diverts her from her planning. Vivaan meets Roma. He offers help to Sadi Kaur. Meera tells him that Roma would be dropping her home. She wants to make Vivaan know Roma’s truth. Sadi Kaur and Vivaan will be having a football match soon. There will be interesting twists.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:

Mauli breaks Nandini’s pregnancy news to Kunal and expresses her happiness. Kunal also gets happy on knowing the news. Nandini gets tortured by Rajdeep. He dumps her on the road, after knowing about her pregnancy. Nandini calls Mauli for help. Kunal answers the call and rushes to Nandini to help. Nandini gets rescued by Kunal. Mauli and Kunal find Rajdeep at the hospital and make him leave, as they know Nandini isn’t safe with Rajdeep. Mauli and Kunal offer help to Nandini and take her home. Mauli knows Rajdeep’s real face. She protects Nandini. Kunal pities Nandini’s state.


Suraj gets trapped by the goons when he goes to find Imli’s unknown connections with the dark world of crime. Chakor is much worried when she senses Suraj is in trouble. She takes Chagan’s help and tries to find Suraj. Chagan tells Chakor about Suraj’s motives to find out the army gun. He tells her that he has led Suraj towards a godown. She reaches the godown and finds it vacant. She doesn’t see anyone there. She tells Chagan that the place looks scary, they have to find Suraj. They don’t know where Suraj went.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer gets angry on Zara after the Shairah board decision. The media gets praising Zara for understanding their religion and taking a stand for women. Zara gets an award from the Shariah board. The media arrives to take Zara’s interview. Kabeer creates a scene and gets angry on Zara. He doesn’t understand that Zara had good intentions. Reporter upsets Kabeer by the taunts. Zara too doesn’t like that. Kabeer feels the reporter was insulting him in front of the family. He loses his cool.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki asks Sweety to take food for Abhimanyu. The family learns that Sweety has taken the food and met Abhimanyu. There is a big storm in Tetar’s house. Nimki and Babbu get into an argument. Babbu throws things at her. She gets saved. She tells him that he can get caught in dowry case if he shows such attitude. Babbu scolds Sweety for going to Abhimanyu’s house. Sweety’s husband threatens of divorcing her.


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