Udaan: Suraj to realize a dangerous threat on Aazaadgunj

Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

Suraj gets trapped by the goons when he goes to find Imli’s unknown connections with the dark world of crime. Chakor is much worried when she senses Suraj is in trouble. She takes Chagan’s help and tries to find Suraj. Chagan tells Chakor about Suraj’s motives to find out the army gun. He tells her that he has led Suraj towards a godown. She reaches the godown and finds it vacant. She doesn’t see anyone there. She tells Chagan that the place looks scary, they have to find Suraj. They don’t know where Suraj went.

Suraj gets stuck in a big mess when he finds himself surrounded by the dangerous goons. He learns that they are carrying out a dangerous motive, since they possess a huge stock of explosives. He feels the big threat and wants to reach Aazaadgunj soon to alert the police. Suraj doesn’t want his villagers to pay a price for someone else’s crime. Suraj gets beaten up by the goons. Though he fights bravely with them, he doesn’t get spared. Chakor gets a bad omen when her mangalsutra breaks off. She fears for Suraj’s life.


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