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Jiji Maa

Mayavi Maling:
Maharaj Shil Aditya tells Eshwarya that they have no proof that Madhumali is alive. Madhumali tries to overhear their conversation and gets spotted by Garima. She asks Madhumali who is she. She doesn’t recognize her. Shil Aditya, Eshwarya and Chegu get alert hearing Garima and rush to see. Madhumali pushes and hurts Garima. She makes a leave from there and hides from Chegu. Shil Aditya makes a plan and goes for Angad’s coronation. He falls unconscious and stops the coronation without hurting anyone’s feelings. Eshwarya and Chegu understand that Shil Aditya has intentionally done this to stop Angad’s crowning. The family worries for Shil Aditya and asks him to take rest for some time. Shil Aditya asks Vaidehi if she has fulfilled the rituals. She gets silent. Angad tells him that the rituals couldn’t complete in his absence.

Shil Aditya expresses his grief and apologizes to Angad. He wants some time to find out Angad’s truth. Angad gets angry that he failed to sit on Malaing throne. Angad blames Madhumali for spoiling things by coming to the palace. She tells him that she accepts the mistake, but she had to come there for seeing her son’s coronation. She reveals that she has learnt a huge matter, Shil Aditya was acting since he got to know the truth from Eshwarya and Chegu.

Angad tells her that he doesn’t want to lose after reaching close. He asks her to stay away from Maling, since she has become non-existing for Maling. Shil Aditya tells the family that he was just pretending to be ill, but none should know it. He asks them not to tell anything to Angad. Haran kidnaps Pranali on Shil Aditya’s orders. Angad learns about Pranali’s kidnapping and looks for her everywhere. He asks the guards to alert Shil Aditya. Angad informs Shil Aditya about the danger on Pranali. He breaks the news about Pranali’s kidnapping. Shil Aditya asks Angad how is this possible in his presence. He asks everyone to find Pranali. He asks Angad and Adhivanth to take the teams and find Pranali soon. Angad gets suspicious of Shil Aditya’s plans. Pranali receives a shock on seeing Haran.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman tells the family that he met Roshni and she asked Pihu to make another greeting for her. He sends away the kids. He then tells the family that Ishita and Roshni are scared after whatever happened, and then Romi and his fight also gave a wrong meaning to them. He feels sorry that his anger spoiled the things. He promises to keep the family united by sorting his issues with Romi and Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla accuses him for ruining their happiness. She asks him why did he fight with Romi in front of Roshni, how will Ishita send Roshni. She cries to lose Adi’s child. Raman assures her that he will get the child home. Romi wants to raise a loan in order to buy a house, so that he can show his financial stability and get a child by adoption mode. He tells Mihika that he won’t be giving up so soon. He asks her not to stop him. He meets the bank manager to get a loan.

Krishna Chali London:

Radhe tells Krishna that Shabnam will prove him innocent. The family questions him about the matter on getting Shabnam home. Radhe’s brothers scold him for his mistake. Radhe’s mum starts blaming Krishna. Krishna defends that she doesn’t have anything. Shabnam tells them that she has come there on Radhe’s request. Radhe’s mum misunderstands Radhe. He tells them that he didn’t had any wrong intention, he wanted Shabnam to clear Krishna’s doubts. Shukla loses his cool and asks Shabnam to leave. He beats up Radhe. Krishna feels bad for Radhe, knowing he is innocent. Radhe reveals the entire matter to Shukla. He tells Shukla that Saajan is responsible for this, he has taken him to Shabnam.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Tanvi runs to inform Kartik about Dadi’s injury. He apologizes to her and leaves from the college to see Dadi. He feels Naira has done wrong to make the students protest against the college management. Naira gets Dadi admitted in the hospital. She helps the doctor treat Dadi by sharing her medical history. Doctor thanks her and tells her that Dadi will get conscious soon. Naira asks Dadi how is she feeling. Doctor tells Dadi that Naira remembers her medical history well and helped them treat. Kartik gets a relief on seeing Dadi. He misunderstands Naira. Naira makes a leave. Kartik yells at her and accuses her for spoiling the things. He tells her that Dadi got hurt because of her protest. She clarifies that he didn’t take strict action on time and this is the result. He tells her that he is solving things, but she has provoked the students against him. He scolds her for not caring for anyone.

Jiji Maa:

Niyati tries to feed the noodles to Falguni. Uttara acts to fall and get hurt. She tells Falguni that this happened as she broke the fast. Falguni scolds Niyati and asks her to get lost. She feels bad that Uttara got hurt because of her. Niyati sees Uttara planning and feels injustice is happening with Falguni. Falguni keeps the fast and talks to a teddy. Suyash meets her. She gets scared of him and asks him to go. Suyash tries to remind their relation to her. She runs away from him. He feels bad. Niyati requests Uttara to feed Falguni and not play with her health. Uttara tells her that its not wrong if she lies to Falguni. Niyati begs her for Falguni’s sake. Uttara asks Falguni to have the food brought by Niyati.

She then drops the food plate and teases Falguni. She makes Falguni have the food fallen on the floor. Niyati cries out her sorrow in front of Lord and feels Falguni’s devotion has no value, since she is tolerating all this when she had utmost belief in Lord. She loses her faith in Lord. She asks Lord to help Falguni, else she won’t have any hopes. Niyati takes few steps to take care of Falguni. Uttara gets to see Niyati’s planning and makes her own plans to fail her. Niyati promises to protect Falguni. Vidhaan asks her to look after herself first, so that she can look after Falguni. Niyati feels shattered without Falguni. Vidhaan asks her to understand Suyash’s pain who lost Gayatri and Falguni. He promises to help her. He decides to befriend Falguni and get Niyati close to her.


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