Krishna Chali London: Radhe to make a hearty love confession


Radhe tells Krishna that Shabnam will prove him innocent. The family questions him about the matter on getting Shabnam home. Radhe’s brothers scold him for his mistake. Radhe’s mum starts blaming Krishna. Krishna defends that she doesn’t have anything. Shabnam tells them that she has come there on Radhe’s request. Radhe’s mum misunderstands Radhe. He tells them that he didn’t had any wrong intention, he wanted Shabnam to clear Krishna’s doubts. Shukla loses his cool and asks Shabnam to leave. He beats up Radhe. Krishna feels bad for Radhe, knowing he is innocent. Radhe reveals the entire matter to Shukla. He tells Shukla that Saajan is responsible for this, he has taken him to Shabnam.

Shukla summons Saajan. On Saajan’s arrival, Shukla asks about Radhe’s visit to Shabnam’s place. Saajan gets tensed knowing he will not be spared. Shukla beats him up as well. Saajan tells him that he was just taking Radhe to help him, they both are innocent and just fell in the trap.

He clarifies that he was trying to sort the problems between Krishna and Radhe. He tells Shukla that Radhe got Shabnam home since Krishna threw him out of the room and tagged him characterless. The family turns upset with Krishna. He asks Krishna to follow the rules of the society and not waste their hardwork behind getting her home as Radhe’s wife. He asks her not to throw tantrums. He advices Radhe to prove that he is a man and will control his wife. Krishna asks Shukla to let them sort their personal matters. Shukla yells at them and locks up inside the room. Krishna turns scary for Radhe and tells him that she will beat him if he comes close. Radhe asks her to beat him as everyone beats him. He clarifies that he isn’t characterless, he loves her and can never think of cheating her. He tells her that Saajan has misled him and that made him marry her. Radhe confesses his love to Krishna, and amazes her.


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