Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kulfi to fall in a big dilemma over pursuing music


Sikandar asks Mohendar about his daughter. Mohendar finds it hard to lie to him that he doesn’t have any daughter with Nimrat. Mohendar was helpless to lie to him about Kulfi. He tells Beeji that he can’t break Sikandar’s family, he has promised Kulfi that he will unite her with her dad, but now he has to answer Kulfi that he failed. Mohendar and Beeji cry. Sikandar’s hopes to meet his daughter shatters. He feels emptiness and cries. He turns too emotional. He wanted to see his daughter and had made an image in mind regarding her. He feels bad that his dreams broke down. Kulfi misses Nimrat and recalls her promise of getting her dad back. Mohendar and Sikandar happen to see Kulfi sitting sad and feel bad.

Mohendar sees Sikandar pacifying Kulfi. He fails to tell Sikandar that Kulfi is his daughter. Sikandar hugs Kulfi and tries to fill his loneliness by Kulfi’s support. He tells Kulfi that he is always with her. He hugs her and asks her not to cry. Kulfi shares the sorrow of losing her mother, who was her biggest support. Kulfi sings a song and cries.

Sikandar calls her a blessed child. He tells her that he wants to train her singing and become her Guru. He tells her that if she gives him a chance to teach her, that will be his Guru Dakshina. They sing together and lighten the heart. Mohendar wishes Sikander and Kulfi’s distance ends soon. Kulfi sings by a true heart. Sikandar tells her that he wants to bring her voice in front of the world and get success for her. Kulfi then gets threatened by Lovely, who asks her to choose either of Nimrat’s memories and Sikandar’s training. She asks Kulfi to think well, what she really wants in life. She says you should forget Nimrat’s memories forever if you agree to Sikandar. Kulfi falls in a huge dilemma. What will Kulfi decide? Keep reading.


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