Silsila Baldate Rishton Ka (PicFiction): Nandini gets a place in Mauli-Kunal’s lives

A short leap to bring twists in Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka

Nandini gets conscious after the medical treatment. Mauli tried, but couldn’t save her happiness. Nandini loses the baby because of Rajdeep. Nandini asks Mauli about her baby. Mauli finds hard to tell her about the miscarriage. Mauli apologizes to Nandini for failing to save the baby. She shoulders Nandini in her sorrow. Mauli tells Nandini that her life was in danger, so she decided to save her. She asks Nandini what happened with her, why was she found in a terrible state, who is responsible for it. Rajdeep arrives at the hospital. Mauli slaps him for his crime. She feels she is right to slap him and stop him from hurting Nandini more. Nandini and Mauli’s friendship goes a level higher. Mauli decides to take Nandini home, so that she can look after her in the depressing phase post miscarriage. She wants to save Nandini from Rajdeep’s tortures. Rajdeep doesn’t care for Nandini, but worries for his public image.

Mauli cries seeing Nandini. She asks Nandini to take rest and not think of Rajdeep’s threatening. She breaks out her decision that she will take Nandini home. Nandini feels indebted to her. She asks Mauli if she is sure, as Rajdeep can cause troubles for her. Mauli tells her that she isn’t scared of Rajdeep, she knows how to deal with him. Kunal too supports Nandini. Mauli goes home and does the arrangements to welcome Nandini home. Mauli and Kunal get Nandini home.

Kunal and Nandini get caught up in the floral arch. Nandini feels odd. Kunal removes the garlands. Mauli helps Nandini. Mauli finds their nameplate broken and doesn’t take it as a bad omen. She is sure that Nandini will be proved lucky for them, since she is a clean hearted person. Mauli welcomes Nandini. Dida isn’t happy with their decision. Kunal learns someone has broken his car’s windscreen. He faces few problems and doesn’t care. He loves Mauli a lot, and is ready to have Nandini at home for her sake.


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