Thought provoking MUST READ Parenting Tips


Being a parent is not a job, it’s a privilege. Being a parent is not a burden, it’s a blessing. Live your life in such a way that when your kids think of kindness, compassion, strength, authenticity and real joy, when they think of YOU. A great parent listens, not lectures. A great parent supports, never shames. A great parent guides and sets the child free.

A great parent is not the one who gives the most of money and toys, and the best place to live, but the one who gives attention to their child. To be a great parent, all you need to do is be present with your child. Not give presents, BE present. That’s all kid really want. They want you to notice them, to be loved, to be wanted. The best parent is the one who’s eyes light up when their child enters the room, the parent who makes a promise to love their child unconditionally. The parent who leads by example, not by what you say, but by what you DO. Kids will never pay attention to your words. They will always and only pay attention to your actions and your intentions.

A great parent works on themselves. A great parent makes their own mind strong knowing their kids will likely follow in their footsteps. Heal or change yourself, so your children can see the clearest example of what a great life looks like. Setting a clear and strong example of what type of human being you want your kids to become starts with YOU. Its up to you to set the example of kindness and compassion towards others, to set the example of what is like to be yourself, to set the example of living a magical life that you chose, that’s what a great parent does. They set their child free, allow them to be themselves, allow them to make their own decisions.


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