Bepannaah and Silsila: Aditya to get shot; Nandini to realize love on seeing Kunal

Drastic track changes in Bepannaah and Silsila

Aditya manages to save Zoya from the water tank and asks her to come to the hospital. Zoya informs him about the bomb in his music system. They rush home. Arjun makes his parents dance. Police Inspector comes to their house and asks to lower the music sound. His mum switches it off. Bomb gets activated and starts beeping. Aditya and Zoya reach there. He takes the speaker out. Zoya informs them that speaker had the bomb in it. Bomb blasts, but Aditya is back home alive. Rajvir comes there and aims a gun at Mr. Hooda. He shoots at Aditya and says bye-bye. Inspector catches him. Rajvir fools Inspector and holds Noor on gunpoint so that he can escape. Zoya asks him to leave her sister. He takes Noor out of the house. Arjun hits on Rajvir’s head and saves Noor. Inspector tries to arrest him, but Rajvir shoots in air and leaves. They rush Aditya to hospital. Zoya sees Aditya injured and recalls the moments spent with him. She prays for him while Aditya is being treated in the hospital. Everyone pray for his recovery.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:
Kunal plans a morning surprise for Mauli. Mauli gets too happy and hugs him. Kunal gets tea for Nandini as well and gives her a flower to cheer her. Mauli calls Nandini lucky. Nandini sees their lovely bond and misses love in her relation with Rajdeep. She realizes what was lacking in her marriage. She deeply regrets to marry the wrong man by not believing Mauli. Mauli tells Nandini that Kunal makes horrible tea, but she consumes it as he makes the tea with much love. Nandini realizes what love-filled marriage means to a couple. She gets to see Kunal and Mauli’s pictures. Nandini gets Rajdeep’s call and gets scared. Mauli finds Nandini panicking and takes away the call. She answers Rajdeep’s threatening and scolds him for his dirty tactics. Mauli explains Nandini not to answer Rajdeep’s call again and make her talk to him. She asks Nandini not to worry, Kunal is also with them.


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