Bepannaah: Aditya manages to defeat Rajvir’s evil motives


Rajvir gets Zoya kidnapped and asks Aditya to search her if he can. Aditya searches for Zoya. Zoya is kept captive in big water tank. Water starts pouring in the tank. Zoya tries to shout, but she is tied up. Aditya calls Arjun and tells him that Rajvir has kept bomb in the house and asks him not to stop the music in any circumstances. Arjun and Noor dance in the party to keep the music on. Zoya is stuck in the tank while the water is filled up in the tank till her neck. Her parents tries to file Police complaint, but Inspector wastes their time. Rajvir thinks it is pay back time for Mr. Hooda.

Noor asks Aditya to bring her sister back. Zoya shouts for help seeing the water filling till her neck. Aditya comes there and looks for the keys on the terrace. He gets the keys and just then he finds Zoya’s pendant near the tank. Zoya falls inside the water. Aditya saves Zoya. They come home and ask everyone to go out. Aditya finds the bomb in the music system and runs out to throw it. Everyone get scared hearing the blast sound. Aditya manages to rescue Zoya and his family.


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