Mayavi Maling: Angad expresses his annoyance on Pranali’s coronation


Maharaj Shil Aditya doesn’t stop when Angad interrupts the coronation of Pranali. He crowns Pranali and wishes her for becoming the Queen. Angad taunts them for keeping the coronation a secret. He wishes Pranali and shows his belief in Pranali. Pranali gets seated on the throne. Angad gets upset with them and expresses his annoyance. He tells Shil Aditya that he accepts his decision any how, and he understands that he has taken the decision as per his experience. He tells him that he doesn’t doubt on his decision, but he didn’t like how he played the game. He asks Shil Aditya the need of hiding this from him. He tells them that he is upset as Shil Aditya played Pranali’s kidnapping drama to carry out the coronation.

He tells hem that he is happy seeing his wife as the queen. He acts positive and makes everyone feel guilty. He shows his calm side to them. He tells Pranali that he didn’t expect this from her. He controls his anger and vents out somewhere else. Mandhari gets glad that Pranali has become the Queen and this will break Angad’s ego. He wants Pranali to rule in the palace and also take the women’s rights higher.

Shil Aditya reveals the truth of Madhumali’s existence to the family. He tells why he didn’t feel coronation of Angad right. He doubts that Madhumali is still alive and maybe Angad is really involved in his mother’t crime. Pranali asks Maharaj Shil Aditya why is he blaming himself for Trishanku’s death when they know that its a murder. She asks him to resume the King duties. He asks her not to worry for the past and just think of present and future. Pranali tells him that it will be wrong if she lacks belief in Angad, how will her marriage stay intact if she manages the Rajya. She justifies that she won’t be able to stay happy with Angad if keeps doubting Angad.

Mandhari meets Angad and makes fun of him. She instigates him against Shil Aditya and Pranali. She tells him that she can join hands with him and help him out. Eshwarya feels Pranali is troubled, since her marriage with Angad will spoil. She shares her concerns with Garima. Garima tells her that Pranali will not take any wrong decision, she will always be Maling’s princess first and then Angad’s wife. Pranali keeps away the crown when she meets Angad. He confronts her for loss of belief in him. He turns upset with her. He tells her that she has to either choose him or the Rajya.


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