Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Nandini’s entry in Mauli’s family to get mixed reactions

A short leap to bring twists in Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka

Kunal praises Mauli for having a big heart and helping Nandini. They get Nandini home. Kunal pampers Mauli and tells her that he really wants to share her burden. Their cute chemistry will be seen. Kunal cooks food for Mauli. Dida doesn’t like Nandini, since Mauli suddenly got her. Mauli is happy that Kunal is backing her up. Dida feels Kunal and Mauli did wrong to get Nandini home. Mauli sticks to her decision. She feels relieved that she made Nandini away from Rajdeep and saved her, but she wants to make Nandini happy.

Dida tells Kunal that Nandini should return to Rajdeep. Kunal disagrees with her. He tells Dida that Mauli is doing a great work and they all should support her, knowing Nandini is stuck in a bad marriage. He says we have to protect Nandini, Mauli wants to be with her friend and its his decision to relieve her tensions. Dida agrees to him. Mauli likes Kunal’s words and praises him for being a wonderful husband. She gets grateful that Kunal is understanding Nandini’s pain. Kunal tells Mauli that they are husband and wife, and she shouldn’t thank him. She gets adoring him.

Mauli compliments Nandini after seeing her culinary skills. Mauli and Kunal’s mom praises Nandini and guide her. Everyone gets convinced when Nandini makes her place in the house. Nandini impresses everyone by cooking well. Nandini starts a new life. Rajdeep threatens Nandini and tells her that Kunal and Mauli will pay for her mistakes. Nandini doesn’t want them to get troubled because of her. She gets stressed. Dida feels Nandini should return, since their house peace is breaking up. Mauli tells Nandini that no one is against her, they all want to help her. She encourages Nandini to be strong and fight with Rajdeep. Everyone wants Nandini to feel comfortable at home. Nandini gels with the family. Kunal likes the food prepared by Nandini and praises her. Mauli cheers up Nandini and asks her to look ahead to a new life.


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