Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Lovely to barter Nimrat’s memories for Kulfi’s dreams


Lovely finds Nimrat’s memories and shows to Kulfi. Kulfi gets glad and thanks her for finding her lost bag. She tells Lovely that she wanted to get back her precious memories. She praises Lovely and happily hugs her. Lovely refuses to hand over the things. She keeps a condition and tells Kulfi that she will just sing for Amyra, she won’t sing on Sikandar’s request. Lovely asks her to choose if she wants to listen to Sikandar, or get her mum’s memories back.

She tells Kulfi that she will throw away the bag if she breaks Amyra’s dreams. Kulfi gets a huge shock. She gets confused. Lovely teases her and doesn’t let her take her belongings. Kulfi cries. She has to break her dreams and promise made to Sikandar, so that she can obey Lovely and work as Amyra’s hidden voice. Kulfi thinks of her principles and teachings fed by Nimrat. Lovely asks her not to tell anything to Sikandar. Kulfi loses courage. She talks to the servants, who asks her to accept Sikandar’s request. Kulfi doesn’t want to lose Nimrat’s memories at any cost.


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