Udaan: Chakor to get motivated by her childhood avatar

Udaan: Raghav to enter Chakor's life

Chakor follows a RAW agent into the jungle. Someone makes her face covered with a black cloth and takes her to the hideout. Chakor meets the agent and tells him that she is ready to help him in saving the nation. Suraj looks for Chakor in the jungle. He gets much tensed. Chakor then finds Suraj and hugs him. She tells him that she had gone to know the matter, so that she can convince him about it. He asks her not to get into the complex matters, as they are civilians, who have a normal life. Suraj doesn’t know what did Chakor talk to the agent. The agent asks her to leave her family and come for the mission, so that her family doesn’t face the risk. Chakor finds hard to leave her family and sheds tears. Suraj has no idea about this condition kept by RAW.

Chakor gets a call from a RAW agent. She gets away from Saanvi. Suraj reaches Saanvi on right time and saves her from getting hurt by a vase. He asks Chakor what was she doing. She asks him to think of people and nation.

Suraj asks Chakor not to overthink and focus on family. Chakor stays confused and doesn’t know what to do. Chakor gets in a dilemma. She doesn’t know whom to support, either her family or the nation. She wants to protect many lives, but also wants to fulfill her duties towards the family.

In a dream sequence, Little Chakor meets her and guides her. She helps Chakor decide and go ahead to serve the country. She motivates Chakor. Suraj doesn’t want to risk his family’s life. Chakor wants Suraj to join the army as well. Chakor then decides to sacrifice her personal happiness and family, and think for the bigger aim, that’s to save many families. Chakor thanks her for right advice. Chakor joins the army to save the nation.


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