Mayavi Maling: Kalindi’s entry to bring in big twists


Angad vents out anger on Pranali and tells her that he won’t take their relation ahead till she takes decisions in his favor by proving her trust on him. He asks her to prove that she started trusting him, only then their relationship will begin. He gets taunting her to make her her feel guilty. Pranali confides the matter with Shil Aditya, who asks her to wait for Angad’s anger to cool down. Angad goes to Madhumali and tells her about the ultimatum given to Pranali. Maharaj Shil Aditya tells Pranali that he has a big thing to reveal to her. He takes her to the throne and shows the secret passage right under the throne. He tells her that just the person owning the throne has the right to know about the secret passage and have an access to it.

He asks her not to share the information with anyone, especially Angad. Pranali feels her faith in Angad is tested again and again. Angad finds Pranali missing and angrily leaves in a ship.

Pranali learns about his departure and asks the soldiers to stop Angad. Soldiers catch Angad and get him back to the Maling palace. Pranali locks up Angad in their room and doesn’t allow him to leave. She then tries to melt his anger and requests him to support her. He doesn’t listen to Pranali. There is a new entry of Madhumali’s estranged daughter Kalindi, who lands in Maling with vicious intentions. How will Angad react on meeting his sister? Keep reading.


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