Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal plans a surprise for Nandini; Rajdeep creates chaos

Silsila: Rajdeep's disguise, Mauli's denial and more...

Kunal gives a surprise to Mauli. He plans a celebration for Mauli. He tells the family that Mauli has completed 100 successful surgeries. Mauli thanks him for such a beautiful surprise. Kunal tells her that he knew he will become a good doctor, but he didn’t know she will be so successful. He praises Mauli for being a good wife and bahu. Mauli gets touched by his gesture. He gets a cake for Mauli. They cut the cake and celebrate. Nandini gets to witness their love once again. She congratulates Mauli for her success.

Later, Rajdeep comes to their house and threatens them. He asks them to let him take Nandini home. Kunal faces Rajdeep and asks him to get lost. Rajdeep creates a drama in front of the neighbors. Kunal makes Rajdeep leave. Kunal calms down Mauli and asks her to be with Nandini. He tells Mauli that they will handle Rajdeep.

Kunal is always ready to help Mauli. Mauli is worried for Nandini after facing Rajdeep. Kunal tells her that Nandini is safe and happy, she should be satisfied. Mauli tells her that Nandini would be feeling out of place here. He understands her and asks her to go to Nandini, she needs her more. Kunal tells her that he will meet Rajdeep and face him next time if he creates a trouble. He thinks of involving police if Rajdeep crosses limits. Mauli doesn’t want to involve police, as that would upset Dida. Kunal knows they have to deal with Rajdeep tactfully, else Rajdeep may come with any evil plan.


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