Piyaa Albela: Pooja returns home for Dada ji’s sake


Pooja will be seen back in Vyas family. She gets the mehendi applied on her hands. Supriya hugs her happily. Dada ji stays cheerful and enjoys the function. Naren teases Pooja over sharing Supriya’s love. The family is unhappy with Pooja, but welcomes her with love just to pretend for the sake of Dada ji, who isn’t well. Dada ji’s wish gets fulfilled when Pooja comes to live with them for two days. Naren decorates the room and welcomes Pooja heartily to act in front of Dada ji.

Naren and Pooja contest in the elections. Pooja wants to turn the tables against. Naren wants to get the maximum votes. He is making a new start post the short leap. Dada ji wants Pooja back in the family. He wishes to see Pooja and Naren’s union. Naren tolerates Pooja, and considers her as his enemy now. He knows things will get worse with her stay at home. They both strike their egos and hatred. They have no answers for whatever happened with them in the past. They have a cute moment where they recollect their past and get silent thinking of their present scenario.


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