Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Kidnapping, confusion, romance and more lined in


Ishita barges in Bhalla house and reprimands Raman to bring out Roshni. She scolds him for planning Roshni’s kidnapping with the help of Romi. Raman gets a huge shock when she starts blaming Romi instead Simmi and Parmeet. Mihika asks Ishita is she doubting on Romi. Raman tells Ishita that he won’t tolerate any such nonsense against Romi. She provides the evidences against Romi and tells them that Romi is behind the kidnapping. Mihika tells her that Romi didn’t use the kerchief since a long time. Raman tells Ishita that anyone can plant Romi’s kerchief to frame him, this evidence doesn’t prove anything. Raman and Mihika show their strong belief in Romi. Ishita asks them to just find Roshni.

Shagun calls up Aaliya to discuss work. Aaliya asks her about Roshni. She reveals that Roshni is missing. She tells Shagun that Ishita is angry on Raman. Mani thinks to tell Raman about Romi, since he also believes that Romi is innocent. Aaliya tells the family that maybe Romi is really behind the crime, Romi was angry on Raman as he is failing to get the housing loan because of Roshni’s matter. Mihika defends her husband. Romi arrives home and faces the accusations. He tells them that he isn’t involved in any such matter. He asks the family not to believe Ishita’s random talk. Ishita tells him that someone has kidnapped Roshni, she is pregnant and dragged away by someone. She asks them to worry for Roshni at least once. Roshni gains consciousness and finds herself trapped. She gets to see the food kept for her and consumes it to gain some strength. She plans to manage an escape.

Simmi and Parmeet return home and show the movie tickets to Raman when they face accusations. Romi scolds Parmeet for planning this and framing him cleverly. Simmi clears her name and tells them that she is enjoying her time with her husband. Parmeet asks them not to accuse him for everything. He threatens to file a defamation case against them. Simmi and Parmeet easily fool them and hide Roshni. Simmi doesn’t want the family to get Adi’s child. Parmeet tells her that he will make a call for ransom. Simmi suggests him to let the family worry for more time. He feels its risky to keep Roshni captive for long, since she is pregnant. Shagun and Mani meet Bhallas and offer help. Shagun asks Ishita to trust her, she isn’t behind the kidnapping. She swears on Aaliya.

Raman contacts the police and seeks help from police. Ishita finds a way to nab the kidnapper. Raman and Ishita reach the lab to know about the chemical used to faint Roshni. The doctor tells her about the special herbal medicines sold at a pharmacy. Raman and Ishita meet the pharmacist and ask him about the person who bought the medicine. They get into a funny situation where the pharmacist agrees to help them only if they prove that they are husband and wife. He asks Raman and Ishita to kiss and prove that they are a couple. Raman kisses Ishita to get the information from the crazy man. He asks her not to derive any wrong meaning, he has done this only because he is helpless. they have a romantic moment. The pharmacist tells them that he hasn’t seen the buyer’s face. Raman and Ishita lose hopes. They think how to find the kidnapper and Roshni. Roshni attempts to break free and run. She wishes Ishita comes to her rescue. Raman and Ishita reach a temple and pray for Roshni. Roshni gains courage and runs away from the godown, only to get found by Raman and Ishita.


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