Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Roshni’s decision to bring a shock for Ishita


Roshni gets manipulated by someone and changes her statement in the court, which shocks Ishita. Ishita suspects Simmi is blackmailing Roshni. Bhallas plan to get their heir. Simmi takes Raman’s side and wants Adi’s child to come in the family so that Ishita gets defeated. Simmi asks Roshni to give the child to Bhallas and start her new life in London. Roshni falls in her words and gets ready to give the child custody to Bhallas. Ishita fights for the custody to get Roshni’s rights on the child. Ishita asks Roshni the reason for backing out. She wants to support Roshni. Simmi feels Ishita is not capable of looking after Roshni’s child.

Ishita asks Roshni can she live without her child. Roshni says yes, I can give away the baby and go abroad. Ishita asks her why is she changing her decision suddenly. Roshni makes a sacrifice for Ishita’s sake. She hides the fact that she wishes Raman and Ishita’s union which can happen only if she gives away her rights on her child. Ishita worries that Roshni isn’t safe in Bhalla house, even the baby won’t be secure. Bhallas assure her that they will keep the baby with all their love and care. Roshni wants to ease out the complicated situation. She decides to go away from Ishita’s life.

Raman tries to brainwash Roshni by sending Simmi to her. He wants Roshni to give the child to them and go to London so that she can start a prosperous life. He promises to set her life. Roshni agrees to him. Ishita makes Roshni realize that her child will need her, she can’t leave the child this way. She asks Roshni not to leave her rights on the child, she can’t be selfish.

Shantanu lies in the court and tells that Roshni is bearing his child. Everyone gets a huge shock. Raman tells the judge that Shantanu is lying on Ishita’s saying, he is calling Adi’s child as his child so that he gets the custody. Shantanu tells the court that Adi kidnapped Roshni on the day of their marriage, Roshni was his fiancee and they had a relation. Raman calls it nonsense. Shantanu tells the judge that Roshni should get the child, as the child doesn’t belong to Bhallas.

Ishita confronts Shantanu for his lie and asks him how could he put Roshni’s character in doubt by stating such a thing. Roshni sheds tears as his statement harms her esteem. Ishita tells Shantanu that his move has made Roshni embarrassed in the case, Roshni’s dignity got at stake. Shantanu tells them that if he didn’t tell this to the court, Raman would have snatched the child and sent away Roshni to London with a good offer. He tells that Bhallas are also playing cheap tactics, he just found this solution to win the case. Ishita scolds him for not consulting them and giving such a statement. When Shantanu explains the necessity, Ishita tells Roshni that Shantanu is saying true, he is helping them in getting the baby, if they name the child to him, they can easily void the custody case. Raman and Ishita get into an argument over Shantanu’s statement. Raman misunderstands Ishita and thinks she has planted Shantanu and made him lie in order to get Adi’s child.


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