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    Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Mariam and her family prepare for Eid. They go for shopping. Mariam asks Madiha for her favorite things. Madiha and her daughters get busy with the shopping. Majaaz and Omkar get tired waiting for them. They make a leave and ask them to take their time. Mariam meets her friends. She stays happy. She tells her sisters that she wants to find a scoop which will make her famous. She refuses to get mehendi applied. She clicks pictures in the market and hopes she finds a news scoop. Mariam recollects the picture she has seen. She wonders why is she in the picture and who is the person with her.

    Madiha meets Rifat in the market. Both the families meet in the market. Mariam innocently speaks out the truth in front of Wasim’s family. She wishes Madiha gets her family. Mariam meets a person and asks him if he has clicked the picture. Rangeela tells her that he wasn’t born in such times, where black and white pictures were in trend. She asks how did she get in the old age picture then. He doesn’t understand it either. The picture becomes a mystery for Mariam.

    Mayavi Maling:
    Angad’s sister boards a ship and lands in Maling. Kalindi comes as a shocker for Madhumali as well. She claims the throne of Mahapuram, which belongs to Angad after Trishanku’s death. She declares her rights on the throne. Angad gets worried. Shil Aditya suspects Angad and thinks its his plan to distract them by plotting Kalindi’s entry. Angad gets raged and used his demonic powers to destroy Kalindi’s ship. Things gets more confusing for Shil Aditya. Angad tries hard to clear Shil Aditya’s doubts on him.


    Anika worries when Priyanka suddenly faints. She contacts Khanna, but fails to inform him. She leaves an audio message for him and rushes Priyanka to the government hospital. The doctor refuses to treat Priyanka. Anika scolds the doctor and reminds him his duties. She asks him to immediately attend Priyanka, whose cause of losing consciousness is not known to her. She faces financial let down when she is asked to make a deposit for the treatment. She gets selfless and gives away all the money she has in hand to get Priyanka treated. Khanna gets her message and informs Shivay about Priyanka. Shivay leaves everything and runs to Priyanka. He reaches the hospital and finds Priyanka. He questions Anika about feeding anything specific to Priyanka. She tells him that she added cashews in the dosa. He tells her about Priyanka’s allergy to nuts. He scolds her for making Priyanka hospitalized.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik gets drunk and feels the sorrow of losing Naira. He has got separated by his wish, but he can’t handle the mess. Naitik asks Naira to take care of herself, while he is away from home. Naira bids him a farewell. Dadi talks to Manish on call and tells him that she wants Kartik’s happiness. She doesn’t want Kartik to stay troubled all the time. She tells him that she doesn’t want Suwarna to control Kartik’s life. Manish tells her that they need to understand where his real happiness lies. Dadi tells Manish that she will just look after Kartik’s happiness, with or without Naira. Manish asks her to get Naira back in Kartik’s life. Dadi isn’t sure if Naira and Kartik have love in their heart or not. Naira stays concerned for Kartik. She worries that he left the college in fury.

    Gainda Singh finds Bhagat mad to bear the tortures and still hold courage to chant the slogans for the freedom fight. Bhagat meets his parents in the jail. They get emotional when they see their son in a bad state. Bhagat apologizes to them for cutting his hair. He tells them that the nation is his first most priority. They bless Bhagat that he succeeds to achieve freedom in a non-violence way. Chandra unites with Bhagwati and Durga, and makes an apology. Soon, he gets attacked by John Bower. Chandra manages to save others, but Sukhdev gets shot by the police. Chandra looks forward to meet Gandhi ji and assist him in the freedom fight. Chandra comes face-to-face with John Bower.

    Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

    Dadi decides to give a chance to Vijay and Bulbul’s relation. She asks Bulbul to call Vijay and talk to him. She gives her tips to win Vijay’s heart. She tells Bulbul that she will keep Mandira away from Vijay. She gets some beauty products and asks Bulbul to use all the things to look pretty. She is sure that Bulbul will have a good makeover. She asks Bulbul to follow videos and learn how to apply the makeup well. She gets the CCTV camera to keep an eye on Mandira. Agastya doesn’t know Dadi’s plan. Dadi asks him to install the camera and not question her. She lies to him that she wants to test the family who is coming to see Mandira, people aren’t simple these days, they are dual faced, and we should check them well before taking alliance ahead. Dadi is impressed with Bulbul, as she has proved her goodness and selfless nature by saving Aaliya’s life.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita tells Raman that she wants to visit the temple and pray for Roshni. He doesn’t believe in Lord anymore, and tells her that they have many problems in their lives since Lord isn’t answering their prayers. She insists him to take her. Parmeet thinks of making a ransom call. He gets confused about the amount. Simmi sticks to the family and fools them by acting sweet. Inspector meets Bhallas and promises to find Roshni. He tells them that he will tap their calls and reach the kidnapper soon. Simmi worries and rushes to stop Parmeet from making the call for a ransom. Parmeet tells her that he will see Roshni once. Simmi tells him that he is important than Roshni, she won’t let him go. They leave Roshni at the place and don’t care for her life. Roshni cries for gaining any help. She wishes Ishita finds her. She gets troubled.

    Krishna Chali London:

    Saajan wishes all the best to Radhe, when Radhe takes Krishna on his bike. His dream to ride a bike and have his wife on backseat gets fulfilled. Radhe gets grateful to Saajan for fulfilling his dream and teaching him two wheeler riding. Radhe enjoys the ride with Krishna. He gets Saajan’s call. Saajan gives him romance tips. Radhe tells him that he will talk to him later. Saajan asks him to take Krishna on a date, as they are alone, away from family.


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