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Roop takes up the wrestling challenge so that Shamsher buys slippers for his sister Kinjal. Ranvir and Roop have a fight. Ranvir lifts Roop and throws him on the ground. Roop gets hurt. Himani, Kinjal, and Jigna feel his pain and cry. Shamsher is happy that Roop is becoming a man now and shall bear the pain to get a powerful man. Kamla tells him that he did wrong with Roop. Shamsher asks her not to lecture him and tells that he wants to make him a solid man.

Piya Albela:

Dada ji has lost his memory and wants Pooja to come home and do vrat savitri puja. Naren gets upset when Dada ji asks Surbhi to call Pooja and invite her for the puja. Nobody wants to see Pooja at their house and hate her to the core as they think her guilty of Angraj. However, Naren decides to call Pooja home for Dada ji’s sake. This upsets all family members. They decide to act in front of Dada ji. Naren invites Pooja to act in his house.

Sameer gets shot by Gill and is rushed to the hospital. Soumya prays for his recovery and doesn’t want anyone to die because of her. Harman apologizes to Soumya for his rude behavior and regrets to do marriage drama with Jasleen. Soumya forgives him and promises not to leave him again. Preeto makes arrangements for the Grah pravesh grandly. Harman brings Soumya home. Harak Singh gets shocked seeing his plan failing badly and yells at Harman for bringing Soumya back to his house. Harman refuses to stay in the house if Harak Singh doesn’t accept Soumya and does the house partition. Preeto asks him to convince Harak Singh slowly. Raavi and Jeet get married and come home. They take everyone’s blessings. Harman accepts Jeet after whatever he did for Soumya.

Savitri Devi:
Priya sends Veer to the hospital so that he can forget Sanchi and get involved in work. Veer feels drowsy due to excessive drinking while trying to give an injection to the patient and faints. The patient complains to Dr. Kabir. Dr. Kabir takes advantage of the situation and tells everyone that Veer doesn’t deserve to be called a doctor and asks Sanchi to take his batch, ID card etc and suspend him from the job. Sanchi is forced to snatch Veer’s duty from him. Dr. Kabir is happy and thinks his revenge is fulfilling. Jaya is shocked with Sanchi’s sudden change and stands with Veer. Veer gets depressed with Sanchi’s betrayal.

Ranbir calls Kritika home so that he can make her meet his parents. He has realized his feelings for her. Malishka comes home with Police and accuses him of molesting her in a hotel room. Ranbir tells Inspector that she is lying and tries to tell the truth, but Malishka doesn’t let him clear the matter. Ranbir and his family get shocked. Akki knows that Malishka is lying and tells Inspector. Kritika, Jiana, and Ishani come there. Kritika gets shocked hearing the accusation and takes a stand for Ranbir. She tells Inspector that Ranbir is famous with the girls, but he can’t do such cheap act with any girl. She defends Ranbir and tries to stop his arrest.


Yash’s mother tells Zoya that she doesn’t want to lose her. Aditya feels if case reopens then it will be proved that they made a fake story. Anjana apologizes to Zoya’s mum. Zoya’s mum says they shall forget the past and start afresh. Zoya comes to meet Aditya. Aditya thanks her for informing him about the bomb and saving his life. He asks her to understand that she shall not open the case to move on in life. Zoya tells that they will protect each other and tells that their lives are connected. She thanks him for saving her life and asks him how to break a promise made to herself.

Tu Aashiqui:

Pankti has seen JD’s true face. She tries hard to escape and learns that Reyansh/JD has already locked the doors. Ahaan looks for Pankti and reaches there to save her, just before JD gets conscious. Pankti thinks to continue the drama and fool JD, acting as Reyansh. She befriends him and tells him that she is much upset because of Ahaan. Pankti and Ahaan argue in front of him. Reyansh gets happy when Ahaan throws out Pankti from the house. Pankti leaves and shares sorrow with Reyansh. Pankti is trying to get close to Reyansh so that she can fail him in his own plans. She hugs Reyansh and cries. Reyansh gets doubtful when she seems easy to achieve.

Bitti Business Wali:

Dadi decides to let Bitti run the pan shop and gives Bitti’s responsibility to Mahi. She asks Mahi to guard the shop and Bitti and protect her house respect. She tells him that she understands that he can save Bitti from any trouble. Mahi assures him that he will be with Bitti always and will protect her. Bitti tells Dadi that she can take care of herself, but Dadi asks her to do as she said.


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