Krishna Chali London: Krishna to turn brave and rescue Radhe

Krishna Chali London to highlight Radhe-Krishna's romance

Saajan wishes all the best to Radhe, when Radhe takes Krishna on his bike. His dream to ride a bike and have his wife on backseat gets fulfilled. Radhe gets grateful to Saajan for fulfilling his dream and teaching him two wheeler riding. Radhe enjoys the ride with Krishna. He gets Saajan’s call. Saajan gives him romance tips. Radhe tells him that he will talk to him later. Saajan asks him to take Krishna on a date, as they are alone, away from family.

Saajan gets punished by his wife at home. He still guides Radhe to enjoy his privacy with Krishna. Radhe tells Krishna that Saajan is the one who has fulfilled his dream. He then visits a temple and thanks the Lord for getting him married to Krishna. She reveals her dreams to Radhe. She tells him why her dream of becoming a successful doctor is important to her. She shares her pain of losing her mother because of wrong diagnosis.

Radhe gets sad knowing her problems. Krishna tells him that she wants to become a doctor so that she can save many lives and work for humanity. Radhe gets willing to support her dreams. He takes her to a dhaba and thinks its their first date. Some men tease Krishna, which angers Radhe. Krishna asks Radhe not to get into a fight. He tells her that he won’t tolerate anyone disrespecting his wife. Radhe loses his cool and goes on to bravely fight with the goons. Krishna worries when Radhe gets beaten up by the goons. She shows her bravery. She comes to his rescue and surprises him.


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