Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman gets compelled to accept Roshni’s condition

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Huge Letdown for Raman and Simmi

Shantanu has lied in the court that Roshni is bearing his child. Though Ishita and Roshni didn’t like Shantanu’s lie, they kept the lie to get the case in their favor. Ishita’s lie gets costly for her. She is proved to be a liar in the court. Raman gets an evidence to prove Shantanu’s lie. He scolds Ishita for stooping low for the sake of Adi’s child custody. He reveals the court how Shantanu and Ishita lied. He plays the recording in the court, where Ishita admits that its Adi’s child. Raman’s proof gets a twist in the tale. Ishita loses the case. Ishita gets worried when she faces the trials. Raman tells the judge that he has confronted Ishita and Roshni for the lie, and when Ishita admitted Shantanu’s lie, he had recorded the same and wanted to prove in the court.

Ishita didn’t know that Raman would plan such a thing. She tells the judge the reason for her lie. She admits that Shantanu has lied by his own will, he just wanted to help and she didn’t know he will lie like this, he wasn’t involved in his decision. Raman asks her if she will support Shantanu and lie to win the case.

She says I wanted to win the case, but I didn’t know Shantanu’s solution, he didn’t tell anything before the court hearing, I realized that if I went against him, I would have lost the custody, I can’t see Roshni getting separated from her child. She apologizes for the lie. She asks the judge not to separate Roshni and her child. She justifies that she has done everything for Roshni’s safety. She tells Raman that Roshni and her child will be most secure with her. The judge gives Roshni a chance to decide with whom she wants to live, either Ishita or Bhallas. Roshni asks the judge to give her a day time to think and decide, since both Ishita and Bhallas love the baby a lot, she can’t decide in haste. Roshni decides to go to Bhalla house and keeps the condition that Bhallas accept Ishita with respect. She asks Raman to welcome Ishita in the family if he wants Adi’s child. Raman gets compelled by Roshni’s condition and permits Ishita to come back home. Roshni brings Raman and Ishita together.


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