Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik to learn about Naira’s past injury

Yeh Rishta Kartik unfolds the truth to Naksh shockingly

Kartik turns jealous by Naira and Kunal’s friendship. They aren’t together now, so he is not able to show his rights on her. He imagines them and gets drinking at the bar. He isn’t able to control his emotions. He gets drunk and creates a scene. He is much hurt that Kartik didn’t trust him and didn’t come to take his help. He wonders why did Naira take Kunal’s help. He sees a couple and imagines Naira and Kunal in their place. He then tells the couple that love is nothing, they shouldn’t believe in love, it will just hurt them. He advices them to break up.

The man asks Kartik what’s his problem, why is he acting mad. Kartik tells him that love doesn’t exist. He breaks up the things in the bar. He loses his faith in love. He gets injured. He angrily calls up Naira and asks her why did she do this, why does she always hurt his heart, what’s her enmity. He vents out anger. Naira learns that he is at the bar. She rushes to see Kartik. She gets a huge shock when she finds him drunk. She couldn’t see him in such a condition. She tries to handle him. She didn’t imagine Kartik will depend on alcohol. She faces a difficulty and takes him home. Naira gets concerned for him, and wishes he understands her.

Kartik and Naira got distanced, but they both still have love in their heart. Naira gets hurt in the college. Kartik rushes her in the taxi. Kartik takes her to the hospital for aid. She gets scared of the injection. She asks doctor to give medicine. Kartik says she is scared of injection, you can give her any spray or tablet. Naira doesn’t admit that she is scared, she doesn’t like the injections. He asks her to admit that she is afraid of the injection. Naira gets adamant and demands the doctor to give her the injection, she wants to get a pain relief soon. Kartik holds her hand and encourages her when she takes the injection. He gets emotional seeing her in pain.

He didn’t knew about her leg injury happened in the past. He learns about the old injury and wants to know how did that happen. He knows she is in pain and hiding something. Doctor tells them that she should have an x-ray done. Naira refuses for the tests. Naira recollects how she fell down the terrace and got a leg injury. She fails to dance and handle her dance academy because of her injury. Kartik and Goenkas were not aware of Naira’s injury.


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