Jiji Maa: Falguni to get trapped in human trafficking

Big twist in Jiji maa

There is a big drama ahead. Falguni has lost her sensibility. She blindly follows Uttara. Uttara scares Falguni about the doctor’s new treatment. She tells Falguni that she will get a big injection. Falguni tells her that she won’t take the injection, she is really scared of the pain. She believes Uttara and packs the bags to leave the house. She wonders where to go. A lady sees her and traps her. She fools Falguni and says I will take you to Disneyland. Falguni happily goes with her. Falguni sees the dark place and shouts out to Uttara Maa. She is trapped in a big mess once again.

She is caught by the goons, who are human traffickers. The girls tell Falguni that these are bad people, they aren’t taking them to Disneyland. She asks Falguni to realize the danger. The man asks all the girls to be quiet. He realizes Falguni is mentally unstable and thinks its an advantage. Falguni prays to Lord and complains about the goons. Niyati tracks Falguni by the Ganpati idol and reaches her. Falguni sees Niyati, who is her new friend after Vidhaan. She gets happy and shouts to Niyati. Niyati saves Falguni and helps her escape. They both get caught by the goons. Suyash makes an entry and saves both of them, along with the girls. Suyash gets the human traffickers arrested by police.


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