Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara to strongly oppose Triple Talaq notion

Ishq SubhanAllah

Zara gets informed that Kabeer is coming to meet her. Zara gets decked up in the bridal wear. She waits for Kabeer. She doesn’t know that Kabeer is coming to give her a big shock. Kabeer will be handing over the divorce papers to her. Kabeer divorces Zara. Zara’s dreams shatter. Kabeer gives one crore rupees to Zara as her Meher amount. Zara’s dreams shatter. Kabeer tells her that their relation is such that they can walk along, but can’t get together. He wants to free Zara from the relation, without asking her will.

Zara disagrees with the divorce. She gets back to Kabir and tells him that she had a condition in the marriage that he won’t divorce her against her will. Zara justifies herself to Kabeer’s family. She asks him if they will support Kabeer. Kabeer reveals to everyone why he has taken the step to divorce Zara. He doesn’t want his relationship to cause troubles for him and his family.

He is hurt by Zara’s move to go against him in Shariah board. Zara tells him that she has just supported the truth. Kabeer’s father supports him. Everyone tries to explain Kabeer. Kabeer refuses to listen to anyone and goes away. Zara tells them that she will live with them, she didn’t get divorced since Triple Talaq doesn’t hold any significance now. Zeenat tries to stop Zara. She gets manipulating the family. Zara doesn’t care for anything and sticks to her principles. Zeenat goes to Kabeer and helps him. He gets thankful to her. He deeply misses Zara. He loves Zara and thinks of her.


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