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    Jiji Maa

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira knows Dadi would worry for Kartik and sends a message to Dadi from Kartik’s phone to tell his welfare. Naira takes care of Kartik. She takes him to her flat, so that Dadi doesn’t see him in the drunken state. Naksh gets fed up hearing Naitik talking about Naira all the time. Naitik then tells them about Kartik and Naira sharing the same college and building. He tells that they aren’t on talking terms yet and even his request to Dadi went in vain. The family gets angry on Goenkas who are not forgiving Naira. Bhabhimaa tells Naitik that Suwarna is getting Kartik re-married. Naitik gets a huge shock. He fears that Kartik and Naira will get separated forever. Kartik and Naira reach home. Kartik forgets his annoyances and gets close to Naira. He tells her that she is his wife and they can romance. He forgets his past for some time.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Vaidehi informs Shil Aditya that Angad is leaving. He tells her that Pranali will manage the matter. Pranali requests Angad to talk to her in private. He doesn’t listen when she asks him to stay back in Maling. He tells her that he has to handle Mahapuram’s throne, as she has chosen the Maling’s throne. He gets angry that she doubts on him. He doesn’t think that she loves him. She tells him that she loves him and believes him too, the doubt was just about Madhumali. Pranali doesn’t want him to leave. He wants Pranali to beg to him and stop him. Pranali wishes Angad to come with her. He asks her to leave from the ship and let him leave. Pranali sheds tears and then turns strong to take a tough decision. She asks the soldiers to capture Angad and lock him in her room. This shocks Angad and Madhumali.


    Anika begs to the landlord for a last chance to get money and save her house. The landlord asks her to fall on her feet and apologize to her in order to get some time to arrange money. Gauri doesn’t want Anika to fall in the landlord’s feet, while her aunt asks her to do anything to save them. Anika tells Gauri that her family means everything to her, she will apologize to the landlord and save their roof. Gauri and Sahil ask Anika not to lose her esteem. Sahil faints down suddenly, which makes Anika run to him, rather than touching the landlord’s feet. Anika asks someone to attend Sahil. She tries hard to seek help. Anika and Gauri get Sahil to the doctor and gets him treated. Doctor tells them that Sahil’s state is serious and if he suffers more cold in the rain, he can get more sick. He asks them to look after Sahil well.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman and Ishita get Roshni back home and make her take some good rest. Inspector asks Raman how did he get Roshni, and did he know about the kidnapper. Raman doesn’t tell anything and asks him to give some time to Roshni. Ishita gets sad seeing her room and finds everything changed. She feels she is still the same, but her life changed a lot. She misses Raman. She looks after Roshni and wants to know who had kidnapped her. Roshni feels bad that Ishita stayed away from Raman and the family because of her. She recollects how happy Raman and Ishita used to be. She wishes to find a solution to get them back together. Parmeet wonders how Roshni managed to escape. He tells Simmi that its a puzzle for him to know how Roshni got saved. Romi doesn’t show any interest in knowing about Roshni.

    Krishna Chali London:

    Radhe gets angry on the goons when they tease Krishna publicly. Radhe argues with the goons and ask them to back off. Radhe doesn’t beat them at first. Krishna scolds the goons and asks them if they have any shame. Krishna takes Radhe’s side and acknowledges him as her husband. She praises Radhe, which makes him happy. Radhe tells the goons that none can misbehave with his wife. He gets into a fight with the goons in order to take a stand for Krishna’s dignity. He falls in deep trouble when he faces a fatal situation. Krishna comes to his rescue and rides the bike to hit the goons. She gets Radhe with him and races away the bike. Radhe feels proud of her and sees a new side of her. He likes daring Krishna and thinks this could be his another dream, which also got fulfilled because of Krishna.



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