Piyaa Albela (PicFiction): Pooja and Naren’s new take on love-hate relationship

Pooja finds Naren

Naren finds a way to vent out his anger. He throws the garbage in Pooja’s room. He turns revengeful and troubles her more by messing up the room. She sees his dirty doings and cleans the room. She doesn’t lose and does her work. He makes her busy in cleaning the room, so that she gets late for the Vatsavitri puja. He tells her that they are sharing the room, but his side of the room is much clean. Naren got helpless to tolerate her in the house because of Dada ji. Naren tells her that he had decorated the room before to welcome her in front of Dada ji, but now this is the way of his decorations. He asks her to find his love if she can. He wants to trouble her and make her stay a difficult one. He can’t see his family’s sorrowful state.

He tells Pooja that Supriya is still hurt and feels guilty that she couldn’t do Angraj’s final rites, she has caged herself in the room and doesn’t talk to anyone, its because of Pooja that his family got broken. He hurts Pooja to show how much hurt he is. He doesn’t understand that his doings are wrong. Pooja gets Naren’s name mehendi in her hands for Dada ji’s sake. Dada ji wants their misunderstandings to get clear.


Pooja finds a way to answer Naren. Pooja ruins his election campaign. He also gets away with her document folder and pours water on her speech papers. He asks her to sit all night and prepare a new speech. She tells him that its his speech which he ruined by his own hands. He then flushes off her important speech papers. Pooja asks him not to trouble her. They have an argument. They both prepare a fresh speech once again. He goes to Supriya and sheds tears seeing her sorrow for Angraj.

There happens a fight in the interview, since the news anchor ask odd questions to Pooja. Naren beats him the reporter and gets hurt. Pooja finds his hand bleeding and does the aid, while feeling his hand. They express hatred for each other, and yet get carried away by unspoken emotions. The situational differences make them part ways. They still love each other, but know that they can never get together.


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