Ishqbaaz: Anika to establish her roots in Oberoi family


Anika shows the value of honesty. She stops her aunt from committing the theft. Anika tells her that they have to be true. She stops her aunt from stealing any valuable things from Oberoi mansion. Anika and Shivay come face-to-face again. They recall their bitter counter before. Shivay asks her how did she come in his house at night. Anika tells him that she is here for Priyanka. Priyanka justifies that Anika is her friend, who saved her life. Shivay tells her that anyone random can’t be a friend. He tells her that Anika has planned to hurt Priyanka and then saved her life to gain advantage and have a job in their house. Anika denies to know Priyanka’s allergy. Shivay tells her that Priyanka is good-hearted and Anika has used her, without letting her know. He scolds Anika for hurting his weakness Priyanka.

Anika and Priyanka get together to defend Anika. Priyanka fails to convince him. Anika makes an apology to him and tells him that she will leave from the house. She doesn’t wish to create any troubles for Shivay and Priyanka. She tells Priyanka that she doesn’t want them to fight. Dadi stops Anika from leaving and takes her side. She asks Anika to stay in their house with all the respect. She doesn’t want Shivay to insult Anika.

Shivay feels bad seeing Anika tears. He gets emotional and then gets rude once again. Khanna finds Shivay angry on Anika. Anika tells Khanna that she will leave from the house soon. Khanna tells Dadi that Anika is a hardworking girl who runs the family, and manages all the duties. Dadi wants to know if Anika is dependable. She asks Khanna not to reveal any secret to Shivay. She tells Khanna that he holds all the secrets of Oberoi family. Dadi tells Khanna that Shivay will lose faith in marriage if he knows that Shakti and Pinky died because of Shakti’s affair. She doesn’t want Shivay to get bitter-hearted.

She asks Khanna to never reveal the secret to Khanna. Shivay and Anika’s meeting get on increasing. Dadi starts trusting Anika and feels she has brought good omen for them. Shivay and Anika have a long eyelock, while Priyanka takes Anika with her for the wedding planning. A strong connection binds Shivay and Anika. Anika tells Priyanka that she will make everything ready. She asks Priyanka not to worry for anything. Anika asks Priyanka to stay relieved and enjoy her special moments. Anika enters Shivay’s room and feels a familiarity. She tries hard to know her connectivity with the room. She likes everything in Shivay’s room. Shivay meets Anika and wonders what is she thinking of him, as he has spotted her crying. He pretends as if he hasn’t seen her. Anika too tries to avoid him. Shivay makes a way and asks her to leave. Their silent eye stares go on.


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