Kaleerein: Vivaan’s bad surprise to break Meera’s heart

Kaleerein: Meera and Vivaan to get remarried

Vivaan learns Meera is leaving the house. He rushes to stop her. Vivaan makes a hearty apology and convinces Meera to stay back in their relation. Meera keeps the marriage and gives him another chance. Vivaan promises to make up for his mistakes. Meera thinks Vivaan will be confessing love to her. Meera also wants to confess love to Vivaan. She dreams about Vivaan, and realizes that he is the right guy for her. Her confusion gets cleared. She rushes to confess love to Vivaan. Vivaan plans a romantic date for Meera. Meera gets happily surprised by his efforts. They will be seen coming close. Meera gets a bad shock when she gets divorce papers.

She was expecting him to make their relation better. She asks him why did he decide for getting divorce by showing her dreams. She asks him to answer her first. She confronts him, but he stays silent. She shatters with his decision. She breaks her mangalsutra and hands it over to Vivaan. She throws away her jewelry and expresses her pain. She didn’t expect Vivaan to break her trust once again. Meera and Vivaan shed tears and are equally sorrowful.


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