Mitegi Lakshman Rekha: Vishesh to stun Kanchan by his supportive decision


Kanchan hides about her past from everyone. Kirti informs Kanchan that Nandan is calling the pest control service guys home. Kanchan worries knowing the house is getting cleaned. She runs home to get the letters which she has written to her mother. She has shared her heart out in the letters. She finds Nandan with the box. She worries that he may read the letters. She asks Nandan to give the box to her and leave the house, as he maybe troubled by the pesticides. Kanchan and her family go out for dinner. Kanchan stays relieved after hiding the box inside her scooty storage.

Vishesh comes home to meet Kanchan and know if she has accepted his friendship. He doesn’t see anyone there and tries to know where they left. He sees Kanchan’s scooty and checks to know what happened.

He coincidentally gets the letters, and thinks its fate that brought him close to his answers. He thinks to find all the answers by reading the letter. Vishesh will come to know about Kanchan’s molestation. Kanchan’s past will be known. She fears that Vishesh will not support her. Vishesh will surprise her by becoming a strong support to her. He will motivate her and make her rid of her fears, as it was not her mistake, she was just a victim. Vishesh’s stand for Kanchan will make her realize his true love.



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