Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar to lose on Kulfi forever


Sikandar brings Kulfi to the radio station and asks her to sing the song with confidence. He asks her to sing by her heart and prove that she has a true soul. She asks him not to make her sing. He asks her not to think of Amyra and get a name for her talents. He explains that he is doing good for her and Amyra. He motivates her to sing and asks her to stop overthinking about others. He convinces her to sing. Kulfi hugs him. He wishes her all the best. He waits for her outside and sends her in for going on air. Sikandar gets excited. He then learns that Kulfi has disappeared.

Kulfi’s dilemma goes on. She recollects Lovely’s words. He recollects how she fought with the family and supported her. Kulfi misses her recording slot and leaves. He desperately looks for her. He wants to find where is she and why did she go. Kulfi thinks for his betterment, while he wants her life to get a boost. He feels a lot as Kulfi is an orphan. He doesn’t know that Kulfi is his daughter.

He pities her, but values her talents a lot. He rushes to home to confront Kulfi and know the reason for backing out this way by breaking his trust. Sikandar comes home and finds Kulfi. He gets drunk and vents out anger on her for breaking his hopes. He angrily asks her to leave from his house. Kulfi decides to leave Sikandar and go away from his life so that he stays in peace. She cries and packs the bags. She takes Sikandar’s blessings. and makes a leave from his house. Sikandar will be searching for Kulfi and learn her true identity this time.


  1. Pl writers unite kulfi n Sikandar. Sikandar should learn very soon that kulfi is not a boy but is he n his love interest, his 1st wife Nimrat’s daughter. Dino baap beti itna Kareeb home k bawajood b Anjaan hai 1 dusre se. It’s very heart touching n emotional.


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